San Carlos Lions Club Application for Scholarship

The San Carlos Lions Club was chartered on March 31, 1938, by the Association of Lions Clubs International.  From the beginning, this club’s symbol has been its strong tradition of community involvement.  The club has donated money to many youth organizations over the years, as follows: children with special needs, youth sports groups, the 4-H Club, the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, youths who need assistance with medical care and local public schools.  The club also launched the construction project of the San Carlos Museum of History in the late 1960s that was completed in the 1970s and dedicated to the city of San Carlos.

Several years ago, the San Carlos Lions Club expanded its financial support in the field of education to include three to five $1,000 scholarships (funds permitting) to graduating high school seniors. This scholarship is available for any students planning to attend a junior college, four year college or trade school.  To be eligible, a senior should simply follow the guidelines listed below:

  1. Any high school student who is a senior (or in 12th grade), anticipates receiving a high school diploma in May or June of this year and seeks to qualify for a scholarship.
  2. The student must be a resident of the city of San Carlos (and proof may be required).
  3. A formal application for scholarship will be by essay (that is, the student must submit a legible essay not to exceed two (2) pages outlining their education, family background, school of higher learning they have been accepted to, major they have selected, their future aspirations and why they should be selected.  The student’s name, address and mobile phone number also must be included.
  4. The deadline for submitting an application is March 31 of each year, and the application must be mailed to the address listed below.  Applications postmarked after March 31 automatically will be rejected.
  5. The winner(s) will be notified by May 7th and invited to attend a regular club dinner meeting in May, at which time the winners will be presented with a $500.00 check.
  6. To qualify for the balance amount of $500, at the end of the first semester or quarter, each student must provide a report card or other form of confirmation from their college/university that they is returning to college to continue their education and submit the report card to the San Carlos Lions Club Scholarship Chairperson within sixty (60) days following the end of the first semester or quarter.
  7. All time deadlines must be strictly adhered to. No exceptions will be made. Interested students should mail their entries to the following address:

Linda Townsend
San Carlos Lions Scholarship Chair
P.O.  Box 94

San Carlos, CA 94070

Note: All decisions and selections made by any members of the San Carlos Lions Club will be final and cannot be appealed.


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