The City of Salford Lions Club works hard to help build a better community in Salford.

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The City of Salford Lions Club projects include:

Message in a Bottle

We provide special bottles free of charge. They are designed to contain vital information such as next of kin contact details, medical problems, medication, allergies etc. This allows the ambulance crew to administer the correct drugs in an emergency and know who to contact.

There are two stickers included; one for the front door so the ambulance crew can see a bottle is present, and one for the front of the fridge (where the bottle is to be kept) so the ambulance crew can quickly find it. They have been trained to look out for these stickers.

It is also a good idea to have an ICE number (In Case of Emergency) stored in your mobile phone.
Save the name as ICE + the name/relationship of the contact.

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Helping the Homeless

Salford regularly make donations so that food can be supplied to the homeless on a monthly basis.

You Can Leos Club

Salford Lions Club have chartered the You Can Leos Club in a local school. This is a group of young people that are inspired to lead and organise chartible events.
A great proportion of the money raised will benefit pupils with a variety of learning and physical disabilities.

Christmas Dinner for the Elderly and Disabled

Each Christmas Salford Lions put on a fantastic christmas dinner for a group of Elderly, and a group of Disabled individuals. This event gives people that would perhaps not experience such a christmas party a chance to come together, make friends and of course meet Santa.

The participants are given a delicious chrismas dinner (sourced from very charitable local comanies), meet Santa, and recieve a small donated gift. This is then followed by a disco where they have the opportunity to dance and get to know each other.

It is the highlight of our year as it really makes a difference in peoples lives.

Fun Days / Beer Festivals

Salford regularly raise funds by supporting the beer festivals at the New Oxford, Salford. We sell delicious curries, hold raffles and have a small fair for people to sell their wares.

Spectacle Recycling

Salford lions have a couple of colletion boxes to collect old pairs of glasses. Once full these are full they are boxed up and sent down to Chichester Lions, who have a sorting facility. The glasses then go to a centre in France to be tested before going to developing countries allowing people that can't afford new glasses a chance to see clearly.

Young Leaders In Service Awards

Salford Lions support the Young Leaders in Service programme which encourages young people to take responsibility and volunteer in their communities. Our volunteers have generously given up their time in food banks, charity shops, clearing community spaces and raising money for needy causes.

The volunteers get recognition from Lions with a silver certificate after 50 hours of service and a gold certificate after 100 hours of service.

Pie and Cake Competitions

To raise money for good causes Salford Lions host a variety of baking competitions at the New Oxford throughout the year.
These competitions are unique in the fact that everyone is encouraged to entre a cake or pie and then sample all the fayre free of charge.
Donations are collected on the day from some very generous, and satisfied customers.








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