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Lions are….

LIONS ARE: individuals that make up the worlds largest and most active service club organisation found in 205 countries and geographical locations through out the world.

LIONS ARE: people who have decided to give something back to their communities, who are dedicated to seeking out people in need, and who meet those needs in an efficient, dignified and caring way.

LIONS ARE: men and woman who believe that, by working together with other people and uniting in the bonds of friendship, they will be able to accomplish far more for their communities than would be possible alone.

LIONS ARE: dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical and moral standards in their Club and in their personal and professional lives.

LIONS ARE: people who cherish the friendship of their own Club, and who also feel a close kinship with Lions of other nations in 205 countries and geographical locations throughout the free world.

LIONS ARE: aware that the friendships made through Lionism last a lifetime because they are based on a common commitment to service.

LIONS ARE: very serious about their commitment to humanitarian service, and certainly don’t mind having a lot of fun and excitement along the way.

LIONS ARE …or perhaps could be… someone just like you!

...Yes, but what’s in it for me?

There are so many benefits. For some it is simply to have a sense of belonging or to be part of the team. For many there is the desire for altruism the need to give to others. Opportunities abound where you can associate with newfound friends and where the emphasis is pure fun. You will receive thanks from those you serve and from your fellow Club members too because you will have touched so many lives in need.

 Lions Clubs Activities The universal motto of every Lions Club is “We Serve.” Whether helping the sight or hearing impaired...conducting drug or diabetes awareness campaigns providing recreational opportunities for the handicapped… sponsoring the research into the causes and the prevention of blindness… providing children with sports equipment or just a place to play...or raising funds to make it all possible, service always comes first for a Lion. That’s why Lions Clubs International is not only the largest, but also the most active service club organisation in the world.

What can you do as a Lion?

Lions Clubs International has what you are looking for – an opportunity to help people, broaden your horizons and fulfil your goals. Lion's membership offers you an amazing spectrum of possibilities. Projects can vary from cleaning up your neighbourhood park to helping end river blindness in Africa. Lions clubs provide extensive opportunities for men and women to learn and grow while serving locally and internationally. Lions continue to:

• Address needs that are often unmet in their communities, such as teaching life skills to school children, building playgrounds, and homes and supporting the elderly

• Assist the blind and visually impaired by providing preventive screenings, offering resources and equipment

• Reach out to youth through mentoring and educational programs

• Raise awareness of health care issues, such as diabetes, hearing loss and vision impairment

• Provide disaster relief, including food, supplies, and healthcare screenings

• Work collectively and individually to build stronger communities




Sunday 7 August Cars in the Park.The organising of the beer tent and for other Lions clubs to raise funds by the sale of cold drinks, food and beer.. This is an annual event held by the Pretoria Old Motor Club Vintage and Classic Motor show in Pretoria.





The Toy run Motor Cycle rally Johannesburg

Bikers loaded with toys on their way to the Toy run





Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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