The Big Yellow Car

When you see a big, bright, yellow car on the steets of Perth or on the highway, it is heading somewhere to raise funds for someone in need. The concept of the Big Yellow Car was hatched at a Lion’s meeting and the idea was to have someone donate a car to the Club, someone to donate a car to the Club, someone to do the body work on it, someone to do the lettering and have someone to service it, all for free. And then we needed someone to insure the vehicle. After contacting some local business people, the project came together in a matter if days. Grant Callan of Callan Motors donated a 2000 fully loaded Buick LeSabre, Greg Beesley of A & B Ford h. When that was done, the car went to Pierre Hofstatter at Canadian Tire who safetied it and to this day continues to service it for free. We then contacted Michael McLean of McLean Protection Team and he provides the insurance on the vehicle at no charge to the Club. Now that we had the car up and running we set it up in front of Shaw’s in Perth during the 2009, Perth Maplefest and asked  people to  place a Loonie or a Twoonie in a hole cut in the trunk and then they got to sign their name on the car. The first outing, the Club raised over $3,000.00 on that one day for a needy family who had just lost both parents. The Big Yellow Car continues its work wih the support of the aforementioned very generous business men and all the folks who have put a loonie or twoonie in the trunk and signed their names.



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