Lions Board meeting February 5, 2020, Palos Heights Recreation Center 7:00 pm

Called to order at 7:00 pm



  • Members in attendance: Herb Schumann, Colleen Schumann, Mic Gabel, Gene Adams, April Schrader, Roby Schrader, Jim Welge, Rick Nogal, Tom Crowhurst, Thomas Bump, John Sawyer
    • Members not in attendance:  -Jack Murray,-Tom Post, -Larry Wiles,
  • Officer reports
    • Presidents report:  Herb Schumann:  
      • Some thank you’s, attached
      • Camp lions schedule was reviewed.
      • Sight and sound sweeps tickets
      • Township day in June.  Colleen will submit
    • Treasurer report:   April Schrader’s report was distributed and it was approved.  
        •                     2-5-20
      • Checks written         $2,136
        • Deposits.          $580
        • balance:            $30,293 
    • Secretary:  Minutes from January meeting were approved.
    • LCIF, Tom Crowhurst.  
      • Discussed initiative to plant oak trees.  They are up to 3 foot tall.  They will give up to 50 trees per club.
        • Contact through water reclamation department.
  • Committee reports
    • Eyeglasses.  No report.
    • Special events. Roby Schrader- 
    • Christmas trees 
      • Gable to invoice Palos Park and Heights.
    • Club raffle. Tom Crowhurst, Jim Welge   
      • Jim passed out the report
        • Wants to give out awards for the top 3 sellers.
        • We are just over break even on this activity
      • Final reminder, no additional tickets after 2-17
    • Phone call committee:  Tom Crowhurst. 
  • Old Business 
    • Membership
      • Pin awards -   Approved a motion to spend $200 on banner.
      • Motion made and approved to make Forest Reeder a lifetime member.
      • Potential members
    • 2nd annual 1st responders appreciation night.
      • Fire departments.  3 Fire districts.  3rd Wednesday in October.  Jim Moriarity is a good contact.
        • Have it in their town
        • Palos Heights.
          • Award
          • Highlight an activity
          • Mama Vesuvios
          • Plaques
  • New Business.
    • Tom Crowhurst suggested we have a Lions awareness night.
      • Discussed Herb Zimmerman as a possibility
  • Dates of interest
    • February 19th monthly dinner and meeting at Vesuvio’s.
    • March 4th Board meeting


  • Adjourned at 8 pm





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