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Big Rig Day

Big Rig Day: Members are a key part in organising the Bi-annual Big Rig Day, started by Rick Hepi for victims of the 2004 floods.  The recipient is now...

Jimmy Carter Quiz

Jimmy Carter Quiz;
After Jimmy Carter (past US President) accepted Middle Districts Lions invitation to come to New Zealand to be our guest speaker at a fund...

Lions Cube - Portable Bar/Shop - for community & other events




Lions Food Caravan

Lions Food Caravan
Our treasure, the Middle Districts Lions Food Caravan, selling hot dogs, hot chips, coffee, tea & cold drinks at 15...

Lions Market Day

Lions Market Day
Organiser of the annual Lions Market Day in the Square, held in the last Saturday of October.

Portable Raffle Wheel

Portable Raffle Wheel
A portable Raffle wheel (like the ones you used to see at school...
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