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Members of the Norborne community are very proud of our Norborne Lions Club. In fact, when you say 'Norborne, Missouri' it wouldn't be surprising if the first thing that comes to mind is the Norborne Soybean Festival... an event held annually the second weekend in August, co-sponsored by the Norborne Lions Club and the Soybean Festival Committee. 

When you drive around our big, little town... what do you see? Street signs. But not just ANY street signs... LIONS Club street signs. Yes, we put those there... to help give 'direction' to our community. In our town as in life, it's always nice to have a little help finding your way. Another way we do that is through scholarships and grants to our outstanding Norborne High School Juniors and Seniors. 

But, what about 'the younger set', and the rest of the family? In Norborne, if you want to have a family get together to picnic, throw frisbee, or whatever, you may enjoy your day at the Norborne City Park. The two 'shelter houses' at that park were a gift from the Norborne Lions Club as part of a joint effort when the park was created by the City of Norborne and and other local organizations. 

But, we don't point out these things to boast. Far from it. We mention these acts of service and accomplishments as a reminder to the Norborne community, and the world, that although Lions is an international organization, we are first and foremost a service organization at the local level.





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