President - Bill Criss

Immediate Past President – Larry Winnen

1st Vice President – Mike Eisner / Bill Morrow

2nd Vice President – Lynn Kaloian

Treasurer - Ed Henderson

Secretary - Sandy Vaughan

Tail Twister - Roger Lindley

Lion Tamer - Tim Crowner


Board of Directors

President – Bill Criss

Immediate Past President – Larry Winnen

1st VP – Mike Eisner / Bill Morrow

Treasurer/Financial Chair – Ed Henderson

Secretary – Sandy Vaughan

Charity – Jim Wiggins

Social/Meeting Coordinator – Diana Wiggins

Membership - Barbara Kvek

Publicity - Bob McGill

Webmaster - Denise Farmer

Newsletter Editors – Roseann Carroll



Finance Committee --- Provide recommendations for donations to worthy causes to The board of directors and Nipomo club membership based on Lions Club international guidelines.

Chair:  Ed Henderson
Members:  Bill Criss, Mike Eisner, Norm Burdick, Bill Morrow, Carol Lindley, Merle Ackerman, Marshall Klein

Leo Club --- Develop, coordinate and support our two school-based Leo Clubs - the Nipomo High Leos and Central Coast New Tech Leos.

Chair:  Denise Farmer / Dick Davis

Members: Dick Gillespie, Bill Criss, Russ Edwards

Visitation Committee --- Enlist volunteers from our Nipomo Lions Club to visit other clubs in district 4-a3 and notify in advance clubs being visited. Provide all necessary logistics pertaining to the visit.

Chair:  Norm Burdick
Members: Bill Criss, Dave Treen, Barbara Kvek, Sandy Vaughan

Social Committee --- Recommend to board of Directors and club membership, plan and develop various social activities for the enjoyment of the Nipomo lions Club. examples might include, Annual Installation dinner, Holiday dinner/outing, local Bar Ba's, outings to local events, etc.

Chair:  Diana Wiggins / Backup – Kaye Morrow
Members: Diane Jankowski

Service Projects: 

Backpacks for Kids – Roseann and Barry Carroll, Mark Westfall

Thanksgiving in Nipomo – Kaye Morrow

Christmas for kids in Nipomo – Jim and Diana Wiggins, Patrick Raymond

Blacklake Food Drive – Norm Burdick, Dick Gillespie

Adopt-A-Poll – Denise Farmer, Dick Wright, Mike Eisner, Marshall Klein

Dana Food Distribution – Lynn McGill

Community Outreach – Larry Winnen, Mark Westfall, Bill Morrow

Sight & Sound Committee --- To manage all of the clubs activities regarding eyeglass collection. To identify community individuals with sight and hearing problems that have limited resources to pay (low income and no insurance are examples) and recommend a course of action for the club through the board of directors and finance committee.

Chair:  Leona Anderson
Members: Dick Gillespie, Jessica Gruendler, KC Cornett

Publicity Committee --- Develop and publish quarterly our Lions Club newsletter, "The Lippy Lion", Submit all actions of the club worthy of media attention to the appropriate media outlets and Lion district 4-a3 and Lions international publications. Provide displays of our club, including banner and information packets in areas of opportunity. (Library, Rabobank, high school, etc)


Chair:  Roseann and Barry Carroll

Community Relations

Chair:  Bob McGill and Toni Weitzel

Membership Committee --- Develop a club membership growth program, encourage the recruitment of new members at club meetings, prepare all documentation and conduct orientation sessions for new members and their sponsors. Coordinates with other clubs in filling these responsibilities and serves on zone level membership committee.

Chair:  Open
Members: Barbara Kvek, Patrick Raymond, Lynn Kaloian, Lana Sigman, Sandy Vaughan, Marsha Ackerman

Revenue Generating Committee --- Identify and develop fund raising activities for the Nipomo Lions Club, present them to club membership and enlist club members as leaders and volunteers of each activity. examples: Golf tournament, Rummage sale, adopt a poll, super bowl raffle, Cooking at Bar-B-Q's, etc.

Blacklake Classic Golf Tournament – Mark Westfal and Bill Burney

Monarch Dunes Charity Golf Tournament – Bill Morrow

Texas Hold ’Em Poker Tournament – John Gruendler and Bill Criss

Super Bowl Pool – Wally Crooks, Bill Marrow/Lynn Kaloian

Speakers Contest --- Develop and coordinate Speaker Contest activity

Chair:  Mark Westfall

Members:  Wally Crookes, Patrick Raymond, Jessica Gruendler

Web Site --- Generate populate and maintain an active web site for the Nipomo Lions club with current information on our club. Have the site linked with district 4-a3's site. Solicit from club members pictures and articles to keep WEB site current.

Chair:  Denise Farmer
Members: Paloma Nieto (Facebook), Tim Crowner, Doug Lomsdalen




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