Easter Egg Hunt   -  2020

The Mukwonago Lions Club is proud to present the annual Easter Egg Hunt for the enjoyment of the children of our local communities. 

Where:                 Mukwonago Field Park    Hwy 83 and NN

When:                  TBA

Age Groups:

2-3 Year Olds

4-5 Year Olds

6-7 Year Olds

8-9 Year Olds

  Activities and procedures:

10:00 – 11:00 AM  

The fun begins at 9:45 AM as the children and adults line up at the South West corner of the Field Park pavilion to receive a raffle ticket.  Save these tickets for a random drawing following the Easter Egg Hunt.

10:00 AM – 

Our Lions Club emcee will welcome participants and announce procedures for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Pavilion doors are then closed with all children and adults inside as the Lions Club members hide the eggs in separated areas designated by age groups.

Pavilion doors are then opened.  “Children only” then line up at a starting line just outside the doors to provide each child an equal opportunity to locate the hidden eggs. Parents are welcome to assist the younger age groups and older age groups wherever special needs are deemed appropriate.

Simultaneously, all age groups are given the "GO" to find wooden eggs (color coded by age groups).

PLEASE – be fair - only one egg per child!

Return the eggs to the starting point door at the pavilion for your age group to redeem eggs for prizes.  Once again, please form a line as the prizes are selected on a ‘first come – first served’ basis.

Following the return of all eggs and prizes distributed, please congregate on the West side of the pavilion.  Remember the raffle tickets you received earlier?  This is the time that raffle tickets will be drawn from a ticket drum.  We retained a matching ticket for each ticket distributed.  Prizes for the lucky winners will be distributed at this time.

Finally, to ensure that ALL children come away with some type of prize, a modest bag of Easter candy will be distributed to every child.  All excess candy bags are distributed to local nursing home residents.

This will conclude our Mukwonago Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt community event.

Mukwonago Lions Club wishes to THANK YOU for your previous support of our community service efforts and activities.  We humbly ask that you support our future efforts as well.

 Please be assured that 100% of our fund raising proceeds are returned directly to our community that:

                                                                       “WE SERVE”….


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