Outline & Guidance for Funding Requests via Lions Website

(April 2013)

Morpeth Lions Club is a member of Lions Clubs International and serves the local community of Morpeth & surrounding area. Where we are able to, we will provide help where it is needed by a small amount of financial support and / or manpower where necessary.

To allow us to give the best possible consideration to your application for assistance it would be useful if you were to read the guidelines below and if possible provide us with as much information as possible – don’t worry if you can’t provide us with everything it’s not a competition.

Generally the requests for assistance come from three main areas which are as follows:-

Individuals or families with hardship issues

This can take the form of housing/furnishing problems to families in the local area suffering hardship through serious family illness or worse.

If you could let us know how the problems have affected you, what assistance you require and what other assistance you have already received or expect to receive from government or other organisations.


Charities or other Organisations seeking financial support

Lions Clubs support many Charities and Organisations,  some large, some small. If you are involved with a charity or other Community based Organisation and looking for support it would be very useful if you could provide us with answers to the following in order to help us evaluate your request.

The name of your Organisation or Charity.

Website address if you have one / Aim of the Organisation or charity / What work is undertaken and how this may benefit Morpeth & the surrounding area.

The assistance required and how it will be employed.

Is the assistance required for a specific project (please provide details and advise us of your progress to date) or is it a general request. What other funding or assistance are you expecting to receive?


Voluntary Services Overseas

Morpeth Lions Club is part of an International Organisation and over the years Lions have supported a number of worthy overseas projects and individuals undertaking voluntary work abroad. However, it is important that the work gives real benefits to the community.. Please provide us with full information:-

Details of the overseas trip including the purpose and length of the trip including the date of your departure and anticipated return.

How much of your time overseas will be spent directly involved in the project – how many days a week and will this involvement be for the full duration of the trip?

Assistance required – what funding is required and how that money will be spent – does it include travel and accommodation costs?

What other funding are you expecting to receive? What are you doing to raise funds for the project?


In general we do not support people looking to raise monies for a charitable organisation through sponsored events. In some cases it may be that we already support that charity directly or in special circumstances we may consider donating to a previously unsupported charity. See above for guidance.


Lions Club Decision

We would advise applicants that all requests are subject to scrutiny and we cannot help in every case, no matter how good the cause. Morpeth Lions Club decision will be final and the Club will not enter into discussion or explanation where a request is unsuccessful.


If you wish to apply for assistance, please click here to send an email

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