Our local Leo Club is asking for your support with the following donations.

LEGO OF THE PAST: This project is for foster children for the holidays. This is an on going project through December of 2017. They are request Suitcases, Duffel Bags, Blankets, Beanies, Socks, toothpaste and Toothbrushes and Small Lego Sets. This is for both genders and ages 3, 4 up to 16. They are requesting items for 10 kits.

LIFESAVERS: This is an ongoing project through December of 2017. This project is to provide bags for law enforcement and firemen on New Year’s. They are looking for donations of Life Savers Candy, Granola Bars, Chap-stick , Gatorade, Water Bottles, Hand Sanitizer, Travel Coffee Mugs and Instant Coffee. They are aiming for 25 kits.

AUCTION BASKETS: This is a joint effort with the Menifee Valley Lions Club, and is ongoing through Fall/Winter 2017. Items requested are as follows; Coffee Beans, Wine and Beer Bottles, Drinking Glasses, Mugs, Decorative Napkins, Cheese Platters and self care items for a Wellness Basket.

OPERATION PROM DRESS:  This is a joint effort with the Menifee Youth Advisory Committee, and will be ongoing through the beginning of 2018.  Items requested are womens' formal dresses and dress shoes or accesories in all sizes.  

FEED THE CHILDREN:  This project is a joint venture; Leos are asking for prepackaged snack items and water bottles  (sorry, no peanuts or peanut butter) for children in Menifee after school care programs.  We are trying to feed over 334 children in these programs as often as possible.  Feed the Children is an ongoing project throughout the school year. 

All donations are gratefully accepted, don't forget we are a tax exempt organization!  


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