You Didn’t Know You Wanted to be a Lion Until You Read This

By Kane Hawkins

          Hey you! Yeah you! Do you hold a passion for volunteering and contributing to your community? Are you interested in learning leadership skills and forging connections with folks in a renowned, international organization with a rich history of community engagement stretching back 100 years?

          Well, the Lions Club is for you!

          The Lions, you ask.

          Yes. That Lions Club. But don’t go anywhere! There’s a reason your grandparents are Lions: it’s awesome!

          The Lions Club are a service organization, which means it’s our sole mission to help others in our communities. Did you know that Indianapolis area Lions have raised money and contributed to an array of amazing causes around town? Things like:

  • Purchasing the Gamma Knife cancer machine at IU Hospital
  • Partnering with the Leader Dogs for the Blind organization
  • Working together with the Indiana Special Olympics
  • Supporting the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired
  • Operating Camp Woodsmoke for people with special needs
  • Supporting Gleaners Food Bank, the Salvation Army, the Visually Impaired Preschool Services and more!
  • Plus, if you join our friends at the Washington Township Lions Club, you can have all sorts of fun selling corn at the State Fair!

And this is all in just 1 out of over 46,000 communities the Lions serve.

          The Lions Club is the perfect chance to gain valuable community fellowship and opportunities for networking with local organizations. It’s a chance to develop lifelong friendships with people who simply love helping others just like you!

          The Lions are open and recruiting for the next generation of members—passionate mean and women like you—who will carry the Lions legacy last for another 100 years! We want YOU!

          Come stop by your local Lions Club today and check us out! We won’t bite. And you don’t need to worry about any weird, creepy secret society handshakes and rituals. (We promise!) The Lions are just a bunch of good folks who like to come together to serve and have a good time, just like you.

          Did you know that you can also establish your own Lions Club with friends and other like-minded individuals? Even if your community already has a club? You’d be surprised at how many communities have two or more Lions Clubs!

Are you a college student? Find out today how you can start a Lions affiliated club at your own university!

A world of opportunity exists just beyond your doorstep. Pay us a visit, and we swear you won’t regret it! When it comes to serving and reaching the people in the community you love so much, you can do no better than to become a Lion today!

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