Lions Club of Isri-Dumri, Dist. 322A(India) is located near World famous Jain Pilgrimage "PARASNATH". Parasnath is highest mountain of Bihar and Jharkhand which is 4440' high from Sea level.There are 24 Incarnations(Awatar) in Jain religion.Out of 24 Awatar, Twenty awatar attained enlightment and left thier body in Parasnath mountain.Therefore peoples from all over the world visit here for prayer.

            Lions Club of Isri-Dumri was inaugurated on 16th Feb.,1987 and chartered on 09.09.1987. This club was sponsored by Lions Club of Shastrinagar,Dhanbad. Present membership of the club is 47 including seven female members. Our motto is 


             "Jab kisi ki ankh se,aansoo gire,apna lage

              Chot khaye jab koi man,Dard wo apna lage

              Karma sewa,Dharma sewa,bus yahi samwad ho

              Wad ho,na vivad ho,Sirf Lionwad ho"


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