Horncastle is a small market town in the heart of rural Lincolnshire situated roughly halfway between Lincoln and the sea at Skegness. Traditionally the economy was based entirely on agriculture and even today the two largest factories produce paper bags and plastic drainage products most of which are used in agriculture. More recently the low house prices has made this a retirement destination, the incomers appreciating the peaceful nature and the community spirit. 

Horncastle & District Lions Club has been chartered for 37 years and is generally considered to be an active and effective club. The current membership is an active 20 rather below our target of 22+  so new quality members will be always  welcomed.

One of the Club's principal activities is the annual town  bonfire and fireworks which serves in three ways disposing of vast quantities of garden waste, providing an economical safe way for families to celebrate November 5th and most of all to raise funds for local projects. An important service activity is the erection of the Town's  Christmas tree and light decorations. This is no amateur affair, the Lions who include qualified builders, plant operator's and engineers must be one of the most experienced gangs in the business. The  Lions are aided by local businesses and farms who provide the trees and machinery. Other fund raising activities include for instance  the Long distance "Fight Cancer the Viking Way" walk which raised money ount for Cancer research. The Annual Car Boot Sale at Banovallum School   is another money spinner the proceeds of which are promptly turned round for to do good somewhere in the World.  

Horncastle Lions are proud of the support they give to community groups particularly - The Getaway Club for people of all ages with learning difficulties and the Luncheon Club which on two days every week provides cooked meals and company for 50 or so senior citizens. The Manor House Street Community Centre which serves a footfall of over 35,000 every year relies on the Lions for odd jobs like tree cutting and drain clearing.

More recently the Lions located a new site and built a "Community Larder" which we continue to service. Only this week we donated £200 which was supplimented by Tesco to provide a useful boost to the stocks on the shelves.

The social life is important to the  Lions and their families, ranging from the formal Charter dinner to the informal get togethers after meetings and events. Consumption of beer is not obligatory, we even have the odd limp wristed wine drinker!


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