Another Challenge.

The Lions’ motto is “We Serve” and just sometimes we also serve our members by providing fellowship and fun. Sometimes our activities actually stretch us both physically and mentally giving ourselves a rewarding feeling of achievement and satisfaction.

One such activity with which a section of Horncastle Lions indulge themselves is long distance walking (sort of Last of the Summer Wine on steroids) In the previous Presidential Year the “Fight Cancer The Viking Way” 150 mile walk was a huge success so this year it had to be followed.

The first walk finished at the South pier of the Humber Bridge so the logical extension was the Yorkshire Wolds Way that runs from Hessle on the North bank in a circular route to File on the North East Coast. The walk had to be continuous so we resumed at the point we stopped and started by crossing the bridge. That was the plan!

On Easter Saturday two cars set off from Horncastle looking for the same car park on the South shore. It was found but due to an error in navigation not before the North shore and Yorkshire had already been visited. The toll booth staff were understanding and in time the walk commenced picking up President Bob and Lucy (dog) on the way. Lion Mark was there with Maddie (dog) but the two pooches in the true spirit of Lionism  ignored each other.

Soon we were walking along the North shore until the high tide forced us inland onto a badly marked diversion, sufficient to say we did eventually rejoin the correct route – nice housing estates in North Ferriby! A brisk if indirect walk led us  to the mini bus waiting at North Cave and home with the first 15 miles in the bag.

Two weeks later we were back at North Cave setting off through beautiful woodlands and spectacular dry valleys. Lucy caught a rabbit, Sam Andrew’s dog was not impressed. The sun shone, a gentle breeze prevented overheating, progress   was fantastic, not only were we going to make our goal we were sure we would  to get another two miles in as well.  The best laid plans.........

Lunch was to be in Goodmanham churchyard but when we got there a man was cutting the grass. “No problem there’s a pub down the road we’ll have a quick half!”  At that point disaster, the pub was holding a beer festival, the beer was cheap, the beer was delicious, the sun shone, the seats were comfortable. Need we say more?

We did get back on our feet and walked on through the stunning Londesborough Park but somehow we didn’t make our goal let alone the extra two miles. Better luck next time.