Organized June 10, 1935

Chartered June 28, 1935

The 2021-2022 Grenada Lions Club Officers:

President - Lion Julia Criss Tartt

1st Vice President - Lion Pamela Hubbard

2nd Vice President - Lion Craig Mitchell

3rd Vice President - Lion Terry Youngblood

Past President - Lion Moe Hubbard

Secretary - Lion Allison Ashmore

Treasurer - Lion Don Tartt, Jr.

Membership Chairman - Lion Helen Walters

LCIF Coordinator - Lion Pamela Hubbard

1-Year Director - Lion Dave Walters

1-Year Director - Lion Scott Nichols

2-Year Director - Lion Gwen Nichols

2-Year Director - Lion Stephanie Dees


Tail Twister - Lion Joe Sutherland

Lion Tamer - Lion Moe Hubbard

Song Leader - Lion Gwen Nichols

Webmaster/Facebook - Lions Scott Nichols & Julia Criss Tartt

Advisor to Club - Lion Bill Daly

Communications Marketing - Lion Julia Criss Tartt

Service Chairman - Lion Gwen Nichols







The Grenada Lions have helped students’ families eligible for financial assistance purchase glasses through the generosity of 20/20 Eye Care and Lions Club funds.


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