Peri Finch, The Director of Optics at the Lighthouse in Atlanta, was kind enough to bring out the Welch Allyn VS100 Spot Vision Screener with the carrying case and a printer. This is the one we had ordered several weeks ago. Peri was bringing the Spot to the Greenville Lions Club for a demonstration plus training for all of us who were in attendance. The training was held in the Manchester UMC.

Now we are all set to perform eye vision screening for all and starting with the children in our schools. We are very thankful for the Greenville Lions Club, the Manchester Lions Club, The Columbus Lions club and the Thomaston Lions Club as these are our partners to use the spot vision screener



Another task that the Greenville Lions Club is working on is the development of a LEO club at the Greenville Middle and High School.   Thus far we now have 16 members in the club, so we only need 4 more good members to be able to apply for the sponsorship of a LEO club.  At the present time we have a qualified President, Vice President, Secretary and a treasurer.  Then several members on the Board of Directors.  These students are of high quality, reliable persons ready to tackle the duties of a LEO Club.   



Eyeglasses Recycling – The Greenville Lions Club collects used, unwanted eyeglasses through various business locations in Meriwether County.  If you have any old pairs of eyeglasses lying around your home, please take them to one of our collections boxes and we will recycle them and get them to a person in need.    The Recycle Boxes for the used vision glasses are located at the U Save Pharmacy in Woodbury and in Greenville, at the Greenville Bank, at the County Line Cafe in Luthersville and at DFCS in Greenville.   Once we collect from each location the glasses are then taken to the Lions Lighthouse in Atlanta, we then wash, and determine the prescription.  Each year our club collects approximately 1,000 pair of eyeglasses through this recycling program.  See photos

The lions around the world are committed to humanitarian services in the area of blindness prevention, youth education and development, help for the disable and disaster relief.   Our club gift helps provide a sight saving cataract surgery to a mother, teacher, a child life skills through the Lions Club Quest Program or to re-build a house following a national disaster.  There are many areas of need and The Lions are there to help.

What Lions Are / What Lions Aren’t

LIONS ARE members of the world’s largest and most active club organization.

LIONS AREN’T looking to build their own personal business connections through membership in a civic club.

LIONS ARE people who have decided to give something back to their communities, who are dedicated to finding people in need, and who meet those needs in an efficient caring way.

LIONS AREN’T people who simply write checks to benefit the hard work of charities in their community.  Lions are those people who working hard in those community charities.

LIONS ARE men and women who believe that by working with other dedicated Lions, they will accomplish far more for their communities than would be possible alone.

LIONS AREN’T concerned with building personal prestige or reputation.  Lions have a great reputation because of the hard work they perform.  Their service speaks for itself.

LIONS ARE committed to solving major, worldwide health and social problems, and realize that solutions are possible when every Lions Club does its share.

LIONS AREN’T a group that raises funds locally to be sent elsewhere.  Although Lions charities benefit state and worldwide activities, the majority of each Lions Club’s activities focus on the local needs.

LIONS ARE people who cherish the friendship within their own club, but also feel a close kinship with fellow Lions in more than 190 countries and areas throughout the world.

LIONS AREN’T just about work.  Lions have fun and fellowship.  Friendships made in Lionism last a lifetime, because they are based on a common commitment to service.  Lions work hard, but have fun all along the way.

LIONS ARE patriotic, giving allegiance to their country, while recognizing that all peoples must one day learn to live in peace.

LIONS AREN’T a political organization.  Lions are not about political agendas, platforms or issues.  In fact, most clubs will not allow an active candidate for political office to speak to their Club, unless all other candidates are given the same opportunity.

LIONS ARE dedicated to maintain the highest ethical and moral standards in their Club and in their personal lives.

LIONS AREN’T a religious organization.  Most Lions have their own personal commitment, which all Lions are encourage to have.  Likewise, Lions Clubs are not fraternal organizations with rituals or special oaths.


Up coming events

Welcome – Sallie Mabon

Pledge – Lion  Sallie Mabon

Prayer Concerns – Everyone   

Invocation – Lion Jack Couch




Peace Poster Winner – Sallie Mabon / Courtney Brown, Kaylie Strickland, Baylen Wasden

Treasurer report – Jim Mabon

Secretary report – Ricki Robbins

Membership report Pat Morgan

Pre Leo Club at GHS –  No club meeting this past Friday,   nor tomorrow.

SPOT insurance – Partners in Care Services,

Flint River Academy – Requested SPOT screening on the 9th of Dec

The Division of Aging through Adult Protective Services:   Letter requesting funds,  Pat

Jennifer Corcione project to provide Christmas Gifts for residents at Pruitt Nursing Home -

Empty Stocking – Sonya Flynn

Child Abuse Prevention -

Christmas Party/Dinner -   Dec 10th at 7 PM, at the Greenville Court Square, Fish or Pork Lion

Salvation Army Bell Ringer – Please sign up

Feed Meriwether -




Christmas Parade in Manchester -  Dec 5th

Christmas Parade in Woodbury –  Dec 5 th

Christmas Parade in Lutherville –  Dec 5th

Board Meeting on 10th – only for 5 minutes after Christmas Party Meal

Fruit Bags – Have fruit, DG Hannah has 75 pack bags, on the 19th of Dec, at 2 PM.

Breakfast with the Kids –  DG Hannah, 9 to 10 AM on the 12th of Dec.

Cabinet Meeting – Nov 21st Cordele, /  Feb 27th, Fort Gaines, /   June 4th, Callaway Gardens

February 6th Camp / Lighthouse joint meeting

April 2ndGreenville High School – Family fun and wellness fair  WITH SP0T SCREENING

State Convention – Preparing for Hannah’s Convention  June 3rd to 5th.





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