Parade of the Canes

A long standing tradition of the Gordon Head Lions Club is to hold a Charter Anniversary once a year with the "Parade of the Canes".

Lion Bud Roos started the tradition of producing a cane for each new Club President that was an acknowledgement of their service to the Club.  He gained the "nick name" in the Gordon Head Lions Club as "LOWCOG" which stood for "Little ol' Woodcarver of Gordon Head".  Lion Bud was one of early members of the Club and was an outstanding Lion.

In all, Lion Bud Roos presented around 20 canes to the Club over 20 years.  The unique thing about them was he made then out of cut down pool cues and then added an insignia of various sorts such as a lions pin or carving and other items that made each cane unique to the owner in its own special way.

For example, Lion George Schellenberg's cane had a "cuppie doll QP" on mine to signify that I was Director at the Queen's Printer (QP).  Lion Bud did the same on the other canes that reflected something about the person.

From this the Gordon Head Lions Club, instituted the formal "Parade of the Canes" by the sitting President and the Past Presidents during our annual Charter Night.

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