Pre-School Vision Screening

Preschool vision screening is an annual project for preschools in the Freedom District area of Carroll County, MD. Screenings are provided to children from 6 months to 6 years old  to determine if there are potential problems in the child's vision. Testing is done with a pediatric binocular handheld auto-refractor screening camera.  Results of all tests, whether positive or negative, are provided to the parents of the child for appropriate followup when necessary. The annual events screen about 300 children at multiple locations and dates.  Typically 5-10% of the children screened are referred to eye care professionals for further examinations. If you want your preschool age child screened and you reside in the Freedom area, telephone 410-549-LION.  Leave a message and contact information. Someone will return your call. 

  Used Eyeglasses/Hearing Aids Collected:

The Freedom District Lions Club collects on a regular basis previously owned eyeglasses and hearing aids that you can drop off in our Lions boxes located at the following Eldersburg and Sykesville, Maryland locations.  The used eyeglasses and hearing aids are recycled and then provided to those in need and less fortunate elsewhere in this world.

List of drop-off locations:

Center for Total Eye Care, Eldersburg

My Eye Dr., Eldersburg

Opti Care, Eldersburg

Eldersburg Branch of the Carroll County Public Library, Eldersburg

Fairhaven, Sykesville

Flohrville U. M. Church, Sykesville

Walgreens, Eldersburg

Wesley Freedom UM Church, Eldersburg

Springfield Hospital Center, Sykesville

 Medical Services Committee - (Loan of Hospital & Medical Equipment)

The Freedom District Lions Club maintains a supply of durable medical and convalescent equipment to lend to those in need.  If you reside in the Freedom area (Sykesville / Eldersburg) and are in need of a hospital bed, walker, wheel chair, transport chair, commode, shower transfer bench, shower chair, crutches or canes we may be able to help you.  Please call the Freedom District Lions Club’s telephone answer line at 410-549-LION (5466) and leave a message including your name, telephone number, location, and item(s) needed.  A Lion member will contact you, usually within a day.

  SeeMore Group

 Helen Keller referred to the members of the Lions Clubs as her “Knights of the Blind”.  In 2009, the Freedom District Lions Club established a program named the SeeMore Support Group to service adults who are blind or suffer from other low eye vision problems (i.e., macular degeneration). The group meets monthly at the South Carroll Senior Center at 10 AM on the third Monday of each month.  Programs are provided to the group to make them aware of available resources in Carroll County and surrounding counties that can better aid them in dealing with their vision problems. Informational programs on transportation, medical resources, and rehabilitation are just a few of the services provided to members in this group.

 There are no fees associated with this service and anyone can visit or join the group. Within Carroll County, people who become members are provided free transportation via Carroll Area Transit System to and from the meeting location. In addition, free lunch is provided to all members of the group after the monthly meeting. The transportation and lunch expenses are paid for by the Freedom District Lions Club.

 The purpose of the support group is for the members to share their experiences with one another and to be in the company of people who have common interest. Games are played, bowling is arranged, and a yearly picnic is held at a local park for the members to have "fun". If you would like to visit or join the group and are vision impaired, please contact Gary Legates at 410-848-1636 or Lion Joe Wisniewski at 410-795-5531 for more information.

 Educational Services Committee

There are nine (9) county public schools within the perceived boundaries of the Freedom District Lions Club (FDLC).  The goal of the club’s Educational Services Committee is to maintain the club’s current school programs and to seek out possible new endeavors that continue to foster a relationship with those schools that are educating our children.  This committee currently oversees the following programs:

  FDLC College Scholarships

Each May, the Freedom District Lions Club awards a one-time scholarship to a graduating senior at both Century High School and Liberty High School.  The amount of each 2017 scholarship was $1,000.00.  The awardees are selected based on the submitted application that demonstrates the highest qualities of academic excellence (3.00 or higher Grade Point Average); cumulative community volunteer service hours; and the student’s participation and leadership in other activities at their school (ex: clubs, music, drama, honor society, sports, student class officers or government, etc.).  Applications are available at each school’s guidance department beginning in January.  The selected awardees and their parents/guardians are invited as our guests to receive this scholarship at a club dinner meeting in May when we celebrate Lions Education Night.

In addition to these two scholarships, the club often funds a separate scholarship at Carroll Community College (CCC) to a student who graduated from either Century High School or Liberty High School.  The award process for this scholarship is handled completely by Carroll Community College.  In May 2017, FDLC again set aside $1,000 to fund a CCC scholarship.

  Freedom Lions Academic Grant (FLAG)

In November 2013, the FDLC announced the establishment of the Freedom Lions Academic Grant (FLAG) to assist the elementary, middle and high schools in our community.  This grant is in the form of a separate $500.00 award to three (3) of the nine public schools in our area on a rotation basis each year subject to the availability of funding.  These grants are to be used to directly benefit the students at the schools and is another example of funds raised in the community by the Freedom District Lions Club being returned to the community.  The 2016-2017 school year recipients were:


  • Liberty High School
  • Sykesville Middle School
  • Linton Springs Elementary School 

   FDLC Student Outstanding Volunteer Service Award

 The Freedom District Lions are part of Lions Clubs International, the largest service organization in the world with over 1.3 million members in more than 46,000 clubs in over 200 countries.  To support and encourage volunteer service among the young people in our community, each school year the FDLC will recognize the top three (3) eighth graders from Oklahoma Middle School and Sykesville Middle School as well as the top three (3) seniors from Century High School and Liberty High School who have earned the highest cumulative volunteer service hours as of March that year as confirmed by their school.   The twelve (12) selected awardees and their parents/guardians are invited as our guests to receive this recognition at a club dinner meeting in May when we celebrate Lions Education Night. 

Citizenship Committee  (American Heritage, Preservation & Patriotism)

Each year, this Freedom District Lions committee leads a presentation on the American flag to the 5th graders at Piney Ridge Elementary School.  Usually, 100-120 students are in attendance.  This presentation includes an explanation of the origins of the United States flag, the symbolism of the stars and stripes, as well as the union field.  The values of courage, liberty, and loyalty which the colors of the flag represent are explained, as well as, the customs and rituals for proper displaying of the flag.  The students participate in a “fun” game of Flag Jeopardy to test their knowledge of our flag.  At the conclusion of this presentation the students and adults are asked to stand as a group and recite the Pledge of Allegiance.  Each student is given a 3 ½” x 6” U.S. Flag and a shaped wooden base for the flag to stand in as a gift from the Lions club.  Our thanks to the administration, 5th grade teachers, and the students at Piney Ridge Elementary School for their support of this program.

If other elementary schools in the Sykesville/Eldersburg area would like information about having a flag presentation program conducted by this committee, they should contact Lion Ron Audlin at 410-795-3675.

 Youth Outreach Committee

The Youth Outreach Committee (YO) is one of the most active committees in the FDLC. Comprised of dedicated Lions focused on providing community service opportunities for youth in the FDLC service area. In their primary role assisting youth the YO committee looks for ways for the LEO Clubs to engage in community services projects. They act as mentors to the LEO’s and LEO Clubs, provide guidance for community service projects involving youth, contribute to funding for Gold Star (Girl Scouts) and Eagle (Boy Scout) projects and many other projects. If you enjoy working with youth this is the committee for you.

  Sponsor LEO Clubs at High Schools

During its 2003-2004 business year, the Freedom District Lions Club established a LEO club at Century High School.  Seven years later in 2010-2011, FDLC established a second LEO club at Liberty High School.  Membership is open to all academically eligible students in the 9th-12th grade at these schools.  LEO signifies Leadership, Experience and Opportunity.  FDLC serves as a sponsor and advisor to these LEO clubs.  The LEO’s lead & support community service projects they choose. Some examples of LEO projects include providing school supplies, manufacturing and delivering flower bouquets to residents of Nursing Homes, sending care packages to active duty military men and women, and delivering Thanksgiving & Christmas meals and gifts to deserving families in the Sykesville / Eldersburg community.  Each year these two clubs make a positive difference in the lives of over 250 people. Funds to support these projects are the result of LEO fundraising activities such as car washes, carnation flower sales, joint LEO / Lions fundraising events and donations from the FDLC. 

   Environmental (Road Clean Up) Committee

 Several times a year, a group of Freedom District Lions pick up trash along the road of a portion of Route 32 just north of the Liberty Reservoir bridge.  These work sessions usually occur on a Saturday morning beginning at 7:30 am.

   Sykesville, MD Jr. CSI Program

            Starting in 2012 the Freedom District Lions Club has teamed with the Sykesville Police Dept. to fund an annual "Jr. CSI" camp for local Middle School students. At the camp thirty-five students bond with local law enforcement personal as they learn the basics about crime scene investigations, evidence collection, observation, and interview techniques.  The final day of the camp the students get to practice on an improvised crime scene and report to the Chief of Police their findings.  It is held each Fall at the Sykesville Middle School.

   Veterans Appreciation Night

             The Freedom District Lions Club holds a Veterans Appreciation Dinner each year for Military Veterans of our Community.  We Pay for the meal of the veteran and one guest and hold a Veteran's affiliated program. The meal is often catered by Mission BarBQ and past programs have featured the African American "Buffalo Soldiers", many of whom were in period dress.

  Disaster Response

              Through our Lions Club International Foundation, we respond monetarily to disasters worldwide.  The full amount of a donation supports the designated disaster.  Foundation endowment income is used for administrative expenses.  Donations are made both by the club and individual members.

Our Lions District (22W) has a close working relationship with Maryland VOAD (Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster) so we can provide manpower support and in some cases Medical Equipment to State or local Disaster events.  Our Club has an ALERT program where we pass out Emergency Preparedness brochures at various community events.



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