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The Fort Belvoir Lions Club would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our E-Clubhouse page. Here, we will stay committed to keeping you updated on all current and future Fundraisers, Volunteer Events, meetings, and any news which is pertinent to the future of the Fort Belvoir Lions Club.
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As you may have noticed, we are a new club. In fact, we are very new. This brief summary is how we learned about Lions Clubs, how we began, and what motivated us to begin such a prestigious thing such as starting a Lions Club in the first place?

For those who did not know, volunteerism is highly valued in the military. Two friends began by searching the internet for local volunteer opportunities and stumbled up a “Sight and Hearing Van advertisement on It asked for volunteers to simply staff the van, and as medical corpsmen, doing medical volunteering in Reston, Virginia was an each decision. Upon arrival they were greeted by a pair of enthusiastic Lions and after 5 hours of volunteering Ann and Jim Ryan turned to them and said “Hey, you guys should join our club”. Unfortunately, a 25 mile car drive did not seem appealing and they promptly recommended that we begin our own Lions Club.

When Ann Ryan said those words we instantly took it as a challenge and began recruiting our own members. By December 10th, 2012 we finally had 10 potential members and on April 10th, 2012, we were branch chartered at 18 Lions. We currently have 22 members, 21 regular and 1 student. Our oldest member is 25 years old and our youngest is 18 years old.

Over the past year we have raised over $800 for backpacks for a local Boys & Girls Club and are currently raising money to buy their basketball team a set of jerseys. According to Roy Davis at the Eyeglass Center “Our continued work there has put them 2 months ahead and they were behind by 2 months when we first arrived”. Every other Wednesday we are at a local retirement center running bingo for the residents there and interacting with them afterwards, and every other Sunday our Lions go to Petsmart to help out in getting dogs adopted into homes.

Since day one our club’s Volunteer Coordinator has kept track of every volunteer hour earned by every member of our club and the results since December 10th, 2012 has put us at 1487 hours and 10 minutes.


We apologize the the "Calendar" and "Club Projects" Pages are not available. They will be reinstalled once the proper information has been added. We thank you for your patience and hope that you have a wonderful new year.   -E Clubhouse manager and staff.


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