Greetings Fellow Lions  


A reminder to follow through with Lions Nancy's and Rosa's request via Lion Terry to place your names on the Johnny Appleseed Festival volunteer list.  I haven't seen THE Lists of shifts but certainly they will appear "... just as God made little green apples and it don't rain in Indianapolis..."  The heck it doesn't!  I spent three years in that town and I know better! 


Tomorrow is Wednesday and that means LUNCH CALL!   Lions Carol Patterson, Gary Yarger, Bill Daugherty, Elmer Matthews and yours truly enjoyed the round table of friendly banter last week. The missing face and comments were YOURS. Please come and join us tomorrow. Its going to rain so that will preclude golf, pickle ball, under water exploration (lightning), TinCaps games, yard work, Food trucks on the Plaza, reading on the veranda and any other relaxing past time that didn't get mentioned.  


Have you marked your calendar for Wednesday, September 5?  THAT is the first fall meeting at Turnstone at 6:00. Plan on being there and get the update on the Johnny Appleseed Festival, mark your Lion X on the shifts you can work to help make this a successful venture for Chairperson Lion Rosa, whom it is rumored plans on camping out there next to the trailers so she doesn't miss any opportunity to demonstrate her outstanding leadership skills.  ROAR ROSA ROAR  bbbbbite 'em!  A great festival will also help Lion President Nancy and all of Central Lions in pumping up the Charities Funds so that we will be better able to make our presence noted in the Fort Wayne area.  




Th-th-th-that's all folks (Lions)!




Victor K. Fitch



Happy Tuesday2 Lions:


There has been a couple of changes within Central Lions Club.  #1. We are sorry to read in Secretary Terry's Board Report that Lion Sue Walls has requested to be dropped. Best wishes to you, Sue, and thanks for your years of support. You will be missed.  #2.  Lion Sharran Gavin has taken on the duties of the Sunshine Reporter as Lion Elmer Matthews has retired from those duties.  Be certain to keep Lion Sharran notified of any health news. 

Last week's "Elite meet to greet" lunch group at Triangle Park included Lions Carol Patterson, President Nancy Daugherty and her sidekick, Bill. (And that term is correct because I saw her) and the editor.  Lion Elmer promises to be there tomorrow, Perhaps the Lions Keesler can make it and certainly  there is room for Lion You.   Come join us please. 


That is all for now. I need to work on the gosh darn fax machine and try to get it to work. No idea why it quit. Yes, Lion Gary, it is plugged in or was. It is unplugged now hoping for a "cold start reboot".  


Last evening was the completion of the Summer Blind Bowling League. There was pizza, cookies, brownies, more cookies, round balls of something and were cookies mentioned? The oatmeal raisin cookies were so moist and delicious....(I heard it somewhere) Thanks to Lion Dave Grant for arranging the transportation and to Lions Elmer, Bill Marden of the Shoaf Park Club, Vic and the civilian drivers whom made it possible for the Totals and Partials to come socialize.  The fall bowling season starts the Monday, September 24.  If you would like to SERVE and have fun with some nice folks while doing so, please speak to Lion Dave Grant. Additional drivers and spotters can always be utilized.  Thanks!










Victor K. Fitch


Greetings Lions *:-h wave and WELCOME to the new Lions' year of 2018-2019.  
Congratulations *~^o^~ cheerto Lion President Nancy Daugherty, new Board Members Bill Daugherty, David Grant and Mike Keesler. A Lions' Roar to Immediate Past President Rosa Gerra *=D> applause  whom was heard to say... *#:-S whew!Whew! 
SOL FEST:  THANKS to Lions Bobbie Renbarger. Mike Leazenby, Rosa Gerra, Sharran Gavin, Margaret Keesler, Mike Keesler, Terry Elser, Freddy Bolton, Bill Daugherty, Nancy Daugherty, Steve Hanan, David Grant,  and one other.  Lions Bev and Dave Fiandt had signed up but regretfully were unable to do so. The crowd seemed less this year as Central's booth didn't have the continuous lines as in years past. Another food trailer was there which undoubtedly affected our sales somewhat.  Our net of $700.00 reflects the diminished crowd.  
LIONS PARK CLEANUP saw several lions and family members pitching forks of mulch (4 truck loads), wheeling barrows of same and being raked out on the play ground. (another load could have been used plus a load or two under the swings. Lion Chairman Terry is going to suggest that to the park board.)  Lions Nancy and Bill Daugherty, Deb Taite, Kevin Kamphues, Dave Grant, Terry Elser (and Cheryl Elser, son, daughter-in-law and two daughters) and the nameless lion whom shows up occassionaly, made quick work *[]==[] exercise of the project. Lion Terry provided hot dogs *^O^||3 eat and lemonade when the work was done. Mother Nature added a rain shower to help settle the mulch, add to the humidity *:::^^::: hot and force Pickleball players Bill and Kevin plus two non-lions off of the court.  A certain lion and his bride, whom usually attend this project, pleaded memory issues.   Maybe the Tail-twister will forget by September (but don't count on it!)
JOHNNY APPLESEED FESTIVAL will soon be upon us.  Lion IPP Rosa Gerra is the chair woman. She will be organizing her committee soon so be prepard to say yes when she calls (or e-mails) and to sign up for your selected shifts when the sheets are passed. Every Lions' help is needed. So mark your calendars for SEPTEMBER 14,15 AND 16.
SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGING   is the next project so please mark circle December on your calendars.  Chairperson, date(s), time and location TBA (To be announced).
Two Wednesdays ago, many of you received an e-mail without any subject or message. That was from yours truly on my cell phone thus I didn't every Lions e-mail address nor did I have a roster at the the office.  The message was to remind you of the Lions' informal lunch at Triangle Park. 6 lions guessed what the message.  Thank you.  This message, if it gets forwarded in time, is to say that we will not be meeting today. HOLIDAY.  How about tomorrow? 
HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!   *>:D< big hug  Be safe.  Watch out for your fingers, eyes, ears, and PETS! 
    Lion Vic *<):) cowboy
Victor K. Fitch

Good Evening Lions:  
Thanks to the Social Committee for the chili supper with corn bread, pumpkin pie and the fixins'. Many comments were expressed how delicious it all was. And it was also evidenced by those Lions returning for seconds. There would have been enough for YOU as well.  Thanks Steve Hanan for the chili. The cornbread was equally good. 
The turkey raffle went well and $275.00 was raised with that plus $65.00 were spent of the baked goods. Certainly might have been raised but four Lions known to be big spenders left soon after eating. Two of the higher bids went for a lemon creme pie baked by Barbara McCants and a pecan pie from the BethAnn Garman kitchen. Thanks to all who donated gifts and goodies for the raffle/auction. 
Lion Secretary Terry sent you the two new changes for your Lions directory. Daugherty are moving into new digs and Sandy Ross' e-mail address has changed.  
Lion Bill Daugherty provided the bell ringing list for Friday, December 1 at the Lima Rd. Wal-Mart. Please remember Lions to provide Christmas music if possible but by all means just don't stand there like stumps tingling the bell and expect people to donate. Interact with folks. Speak to them, tease them, joke with them, help the kiddies put their change in the slot and offer to let them ring the bells and by all means THANK the donors. Dress up with your Christmas red, blinking Santa hats, your antlers, and let people know you are representing Central Lions ringing for the Salvation Army.
Some Lions are still meeting informally Wednesdays at Triangle Park at 12:00. Please join us for the revelry. 
Victor K. Fitch, 
Lionews Editor



LION ELMER MATTHEWS the recipient of the Central Lions Club newest award, the LION OF THE YEAR AWARD and the League for the Blind's FRANK CELAREK AWARD.




Each of the above named Lions is worthy of these awards for their time and effort put forth in the name of Lionism and certainly the Lion motto WE SERVE. 


Checks were awarded to the four sight related charities for whom the Bill Smith Golf Outing is held, Matthew 25, Northeast Indiana Radio Reading Service, Allen County League for the Blind and Leader Dog in the amount of $3250.00 included $1000.00 each to the Frank Celarek recipients. 


Thank you Lions President Rosa Gerra and P.P. Nancy Daugherty for planning and arranging the Appreciation Banquet which was held at the Pine Valley Country Club. The food was good, the company amiable, the ambiance pleasant. And a delightful time was enjoyed by all. Corporate sponsors were recognized and plaques awarded. 




The NEXT MEETING PROGRAM for this Wednesday, November 1 s Preparing for Disaster.  Rob Callahan from Just In Time Survival will be our speaker. He'll be giving us general prepper tips, 10 rookie food storage mistakes, and the bugging in/out checklist.  With all of the disasters we've seen in the past few months, this should be a very timely topic.  Thanks Lion Tom arranging this program.


WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, SOCIAL PROGRAM:  ERIN'S HOUSE TOUR at 5:30 PM.  5670 YMCA Park Drive.  Each attendee is asked to bring paper picnic products to donate.  No ants please. Uncles accepted. 


FALL FEAST EXSTRAVAGANZA  to be held Wednesday, November 15 at 6:00 PM at the Turnstone Center..  Lion President Gerra so named this year's TURKEY RAFFLE.  Lion Steve Hanan and the Social Committee are planning a chili supper along with desert for your dining pleasure (No mention of corn bread in any form to go along with the chili but the committee might surprise us. Hint hint.  No-o-o I won't have time to bake)


Five turkeys are being purchased from Apple Ridge Meijer Store since they always support the BSGO so wonderfully. Four in the 10 - 12 lb range and one large 20 lb range.  In addition, the Social Committee has promised baked goods to also be included in the raffle. Lions, you are also asked (begged, pleaded, sweet talked) to donate new items to be included in the raffle as well as bringing that supply of dollars to buy tickets with that you have been stashing away from last year.  $1.00 ea or 6 for $5.00, 12 for $10.00 and 15 for $20.00. 

COMMUNITY SERVICE:  CHRISTMAS BUREAU - CENTRAL LIONS has accepted three (3) families for the 2017 project. Lion Nancy Daugherty needs all purchases and / or monetary donations by Thursday, November 30. 


SALVATION ARMY BELL RINGING:  Friday, December 1 at the Lima Rd.  Wal-Mart serving both doors.  Lion Bill Daugherty, Chair  needs your names and your preferred time slot (s).   Step up Lions and serve. 


HAPPY HALLOWEEN LIONS.  Don't eat ALL the goodies yourself. 



Lion Vic, Editor


Lions, our prayers and sympathy are extended to Lion President Rosa Gerra and her family at the passing  of her brother, Antonio Cuellar this past Monday.  Viewing is Thursday at the Lakeside D.O. McCombs 2-4 and 6-8 with the Rosary Service at 6:00. The funeral service is at 10:30 at the St. Joseph Catholic Church, 2213 Brooklyn Ave. with calling one hour prior. 
Four Lions and a guest were at lunch today at Triangle Park. Lion Kevin Kamphue's guest was John Spillson of the Cafe Johnell (sp?) fame. Many of you had probably eaten there.  We tried to keep Lions Elmer and Mike on their good behavior to make a reasonably good impression of Lions and especially Central Lions. There is some question as to the success of that effort.  We will be there again next Wednesday so please come and help in case Mr. Spillson decides to visit again.  Thanks Lion Kevin. 
There is to be a Mission 2018 to San Miguel, El Salvador but the dates are not finalized at this time. They will be posted when confirmed. 
If you have yet to sign up for helping the shifts at the Johnny Appleseed Festival, please contact  Lion Chair Mike Keesler to get your preferred times, if still available.  Bite 'Em!
Victor K. Fitch
Lionews 2017-06-18

Good afternoon Lions
 and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all. To all for whom it is appropriate that is. And yes that could even apply to you ladies because after all if it weren't for you.... That discussion will stop there as this is not Health Class 101 and it you don't know by now... blushing" class="CToWUd m_-1344402565443415931yiv3175240208yahoo-ignore-inline-image" src="" title="*:"> blushing" />
 JOHNNY APPLESEED PARK CLEAN-UP:  The following Lions shared their time and service in sprucing up the children's play ground at the park Saturdaymorning, June 17 at 11:00. Leadership was exhibited by President-elect Rosa Gerra and Immediate Past President Mike Keesler as they participated and didn't just supervise. As a mattter of fact, no one "supervised" not even the event coordinator Terry Elser. David Grant, Dave McCants, Deb Taite, Kevin Kamphues, Marge Keesler and yours truly all stepped right up and shared the work.  Lion Terry provided the pizza that he used to bribe us and he answer the previous question of "what kind "?  "FREE", was his response.  That seemed to suffice!
SUMMER MEETINGS: This coming Wednesday, 6/21 at 12:00 noon will kick off the informal, come as you are, come when you can meetings at TRIANGLE PARK.  Yes, as in the words of Lion Rick Hoffman via Lion Elser, "It isn't centrally located". The discussion developed during the Board Meeting Monday evening from the comment about not meeting until after the Three Rivers Festival due to the downtown congestion. Rather than not meet, Triangle Park was suggested.  Good food, reasonable prices, free parking and a pastoral setting. Those work downtown, live there or in the southwest boonies give yourselves, your staff and coworkers a break and come join us.  Try sharing a ride thus saving gas. 
JOHNNY APPLESEED FESTIVAL will soon be here. Lion PP Mike Keesler is chairing the event. The equipment trailer needs needs organized and supplies inventoried, shifts established, straw arranged, New Haven Lions Club contacted, Turkey legs and dogs as well as burgers ordered, prices established, signage produced, parking of the reefer arranged with the Turners Athletic Club, and great weather ordered. (Sunshine, pleasant temperatures and low humidity.)  Lion Rosa, THAT is another committee for you to organize!  *;) winking
AUDIT COMMITTEE:  Lion Elmer has volunteered to chair that necessary project with the help of Lions Deb Taite and Gary Yarger.
BUDGET COMMITTEE: Lion Gregg Jeffery has offered to help Lion Rosa with that task as will Lion Treasurer Marge Keesler and I suspect L. Mike will also. 
My apologies Lions that I cannot attach the other pictures to this e-mail. and truth be known it is not known how this one picture was accomplished .  So-o-o-o the other pictures will have to be sent in separate  e-mails. 
Victor K. Fitch 
BSGO - 2/21/2017 Tuesday 5-6 PM at Allen County Main Library, 2nd floor,Business section meeting room, Bill Smith Golf Outing committee meeting
                                          FORT WAYNE CENTRAL LIONS CLUB
                                                        January 30, 2017
HEADS UP:  TURKEY RAFFLE was Wednesday, November 16. As Lion Secretary Elser reported, there were more turkeys than Lions.  This has always been one of the best attended meetings along with the  White Elephant Raffle. Attendance at both was dismally small and thus the monies raised for the Administration Fund were equally dismal.  
I have to ask.  Where were you?  We have an active roster of 45 members but only 17 were at the White Elephant sale.  And contrary to Secretary Elser’s report,  Not all of those present opened their wallets. Only $175.00 dollars was raised.  Lions Dave Grant’s and Sharran Gavin’s homes must be overflowing with items bought just to get them off the table and the program moved along.  There were laughs and fun was had but it could have been so much more had YOU been there.  All of YOU!   
The Lionews Editor accepts part of the responsibility as I did not help promote those activities as in the past.  I apologize.
Board Meeting Echoes:  Lion Secretary Terry Elser has e-mailed the  minutes.  
DUES DUE:  One member has not paid the Second Half  dues as of last night’s Board Meeting.  YOUR Lions Club can only function in a proper business attitude when we ALL contribute to the cause.  
Board meetings are at Turnstone on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 PM.  Please come join us to see how your board functions.  You are welcome to enter into the discussions and express your thoughts but not  vote.   If you want to do that, inform the nomination committee that you would like your name placed on the ballot for the Board. The Election is “just around the corner”. 
Johnny Appleseed Park Playground Cleanups  are scheduled. The first one is April 1, 2017.  Gas powered blowers are needed.  A power washer will not be used.  Lion Terry Elser is coordinating this activity and more information will be forthcoming.  PLEASE circle the APRIL 1 date.  
Remembering the Lions Motto WE SERVE: 
*Blind Bowlers, Mondays.  We drive again starting Monday, Feb. 6.    
*Workers of the Blind Thursdays. 
*Transportation needs to an appointment.  Please contact Lions Dave           Grant or Elmer Matthews.  
 *Friends in Focus. The sight-impaired choir needs a driver or two for Tuesday afternoon rehearsals and performances.  If you like to sing,  warm up those vocal chords. Please contact Lion Chip Perry, lion or telephone (260) 341-5038.   Please remember  that Helen Keller challenged us to be the Knights of the Blind.  
MIDDLE SCHOOL SPEECH CONTEST:  Lion Past President Nancy Daugherty is chairing this event which will be held at the History Center in May. Watch for additional news from Lion Nancy. 
Lion Rosa Gerra is working with Lion President Mike on Membership.    WELCOME  new Lions  Kevin Kamphues and Deborah Tate.  Be certain to introduce yourself to these new club members.   
(This thought just occurred. Perhaps we should have contacted the Ringling Bros. Circus to see if they would donate an elephant, just a small one, for the White elephant sale.  It could have been “white-washed”.) 
February 1, 2017:  David A. Myers,  Apiarist.  (look it up!  I had to.)
February 15:  Ed Souers
March 1:  Ed Souers
March 15: Tina Acosta of Turnstone
April to be scheduled. 
May 6-7:  Sol Fest @ Fox Island. 
May 25:  Bill Smith Golf Outing
June 7: TinCaps Game: $22.00 per person. Minimum of 15 required. (Lion Rosa Gerra was quick to get her reservation last evening stating, “it’s a lot of fun!”)  Please contact Lion Marg Keesler to get your ticket for a fun evening  “…out at the ol’ ballgame…”  Fireworks have been eliminated reportedly due to neighboring businesses‘ requests. The cost factor was possibly another consideration.
Do you have a program of interest?  Please contact Lions PDG Dave Fiandt or PDG Ed Souers to suggest it.
This is YOUR CENTRAL LIONS CLUB.  Please become involved by attending the meetings and helping with the projects.  
During the discussions while crammed into the small meeting room downtown, Some lions stated, “I would come IF there were evening meetings”,  other said, “I know of potential members who would join IF there were evening meetings.”, and still others said,  “I would come IF I didn’t have to eat.”,  or,  “I would come IF there was better parking, closer parking, free parking , etc.”.  
Lions, your “IF’s” have been met.  Your board understands working late, being tired, hungry, ill (thank you for staying home!), driving long distances, church meetings, other committee meetings,  and the list goes on.  Can you not make one meeting per month? So you get arrive late?  No one boos or hisses.  The Tail-Twister has mentioned Lions Matthew’s  name a time or two, as well as mine,  but its in fun…. At least he smiles while doing so. 
Frequently there are even cookies to snack on and water to quench your thirst but most importantly…..  We would be glad to see you.
Change of Address:  Rose Gerra packer bags and moved to:  7254 Playwright Trail, 46818; Home telephone: 260-616-0902. Congratulations Rosa on the new digs.
Fort Wayne Central Lions Committee Report                                       Jan. 30, 2017
Community Project: Science Central Day Sponsor: Jan. 28, 2017
10 Lions worked at total of 33 Lion hours on this community project.
Those who worked were: President, Mike Keesler, Treasurer, Margaret Keesler, 1st V.P. Rosa Gerra, Bob Jones, Dave Grant, Freddy Bolton, Kevin Kamphues, Elmer Matthews, Bill Daugherty, and IPP Nancy Daugherty.
Two Fort Wayne Central Lion members, Dave Nelson and Dr. Jonathon Walker did presentations.  Dave gave a great program on The League and engaged the youth as volunteers, which they all enjoyed.  For the 3rd straight year, Dr. Walker dissected a cows eye, the youngsters love it, and some of the parents. 
We did 28 eye screenings, down from 46 last year, however, parents and grandparents are impressed with how quickly the camera works, and so thankful that we  Lions do what “we do”.
We had a reporter from the Journal Gazette who did a fabulous article in Sunday, Jan. 29th paper.  Channel 15 was there as well, but did not catch the 11:00 news broadcast.  We also had press coverage before the event.  Science Central is great in helping us out with their press releases.  Jessica Buttes is the lady we worked with this year in helping us get set up and making it another successful year.
We were given 25 one day passes again this year.  Club members are welcome to give Margaret Keesler a call if they would want tickets to take children/grandchildren for a fun filled day of learning and hands on experiences at Science Central.
I recommend that we do another Day Sponsorship including eye screening next year.
IPP Lion Nancy Daugherty
President’s Report:
Greetings Lions,
As we struggle through a very unusual Winter Season, we are busy with projects both just completed and yet to come.  Our day at Science Central on the 28th of January went very well.  Lions in attendance for our project were, Nancy and Bill Daugherty, Rosa Gerra, Kevin Kamphues, Freddy Bolton, Elmer Matthews, David Grant, Bob Jones, and Margaret and Mike Keesler.  Lion Dr. Jon Walker again provided a wonderfully educational talk about eyes and Lion David Nelson spoke about The League and how all the services they provide impact our community in such a positive way.  A local reporter from the newspaper had her eyes tested and interviewed a few families while we were doing our eye testing and wrote a very nice article that  was in Sunday’s paper.  We tested a total of 28 children and had 3 referrals.
Our District meeting was held on Sunday the 29th and was well attended.  Lion Kaylene Souers gave a report indicating that our district had a net loss of membership for 2016, but provided positive reinforcement to turn that around for 2017.  Lion Greg Jeffrey and Lion Priscilla were at the meeting and Greg reported that the mission trip to Honduras was on schedule.
Spring will bring a number of opportunities to get involved in Goal Ball, Special Olympics, Sol Fest, Speech Contest, our State and District Conventions, and of course our Bill Smith Golf Outing.  Please do not sit on the sidelines.  We need you and your support, and our community needs you too!
Lion Mike Keesler
Lion Victor Fitch, Editor
                                                 FORT WAYNE CENTRAL LIONS CLUB
                                                            November 13, 2016
HEADS UP:  TURKEY RAFFLE is this Wednesday, November 16 at 7:00 P.M. at Turnstone in the NEW Building, first room on the right.  The Big Gobbler himself is in charge with Lion Sam assisting and doing the gobbling.  That’s turkey talk for raffling.  Thanks to Lion Secretary Elser for his promotion of the raffle with one slight addition. Yes, bring nice items but NEW items. Please bring Aunt Effie’s winner of the Ugly Sweater Contest to the White elephant Auction. 
Johnny Appleseed Festival -  was not a total disaster thanks to a beautiful Sunday and those faithful Lions who  came to work their shifts plu those who stayed all day (again) and to the members of the Service Club from North Side High School. 
Lion Bill Daugherty,  Bell Ringing Chairman has openings available still for this service project. PLEASE contact Lion Bill for your opportunity to serve.  At the regular meeting of November 2,  the available shifts were the 4-6 shifts on both Friday and Saturday. 
Board Meeting Echoes:  Lion Secretary Terry Elser  e-mailed the  minutes to you.  
DUES are PAST being PAST DUE.  Seven (7) members still had not paid their dues as of the last Board Meeting.  YOUR Lions Club can only function in a proper business attitude when we ALL contribute to the cause.  Do you realize that Central Lions club only retains $20.00 of our dues.  The rest goes to Lions International and the IN State Lions.  We only have 42 members (Thanks to the two new members) If every Lions renews.  You do the math and you will see why the Turkey Raffle, the White Elephant Auction and the Tail-Twister activities are so important to raise funds for the Administration Fund.  The Activities fund is a separate fund and can only be used for charitable giving.  
The Board meetings will be at Turnstone on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 PM.  Please come join us to see how your board functions.  You are welcome to enter into the discussions but unable to vote.  The Editor misquoted regarding fees for the use of the meeting room at Turnstone.  We are only charged for the two regular meetings.  A $30.00 fee.   Thank you Immediate Past President Nancy for that correction. 
Johnny Appleseed Park Playground Cleanup received kudos from the Park Board. That message was shared with us all by Secretary Elser. Good work, Lions! Thanks Lion Terry for chairing this project.
Remembering the Lions Motto WE SERVE: 
*Blind Bowlers, Mondays.  We drive again in December.     
*Workers of the Blind Thursdays. 
*Transportation needs to an appointment.  Please contact Lions Dave Grant or Elmer Matthews.  
 *Friends in Focus. The sight-impaired choir needs a driver or two for Tuesday afternoon rehearsals and performances.  If you like to sing,  warm up those vocal chords. Please contact Lion Chip Perry, lion or telephone (260) 341-5038.   Please remember  that Helen Keller challenged us to be the Knights of the Blind.  
The Appreciation Banquet was held at the Pine Valley Country Club  October 27.  Lions P.P. Nancy Daugherty and 1st. V.P. Rosa Gerra are co-chaired the event which was nice.  Mr. David Myers, whom received a plaque of appreciation for allowing us to park our utility trailer in his secured lot, told this writer. “ The evening was very nice”.  No other report was given by L. P.P. Nancy except to ask those present at the last regular meeting if they thought it would be well to consider that venue for next year’s Appreciation Banquet and received confirmation. 
White Cane Drive for the Workers of the Blind was October 29 at the North Clinton St. Scott‘s Store.  Lion Dave Grant, Chair person.  $542.00 was raised.  Lion Matthews suggested that the Central Club add the monies needed ($458.00) to raise the total to $1000.00. The money is budgeted in the Charities account to do so. 
A MIDDLE SCHOOL SPEECH CONTEST Chairperson is still needed.  
Lion Rosa Gerra is working with Lion President Mike on Membership.  Two new members were inducted by Lion PID Dave Fiandt at the ;ast meeting.  WELCOME Kevin Kamphues and Deborah Tate.  Lion P.P. Nancy sponsored these new Lions, both of whom worked the Johnny Appleseed Festival.  Be certain to introduce yourself to these new members of the pride. 
CHRISTMAS FAMILIES:  Lion P.P. Nancy needs your wrapped gifts and/or monies by December 1. 
And speaking of prayer, al those naysayers who possibly don’t believe in the power thereof, or the American League fans whom didn’t appreciate my prayer, and especially the Tail-Twister, an avowed fan of that team on the south side of Chicago… YEA CUBS!  
PROGRAM CHAIR:  DAVE FIANDT: (A very colorful Lion)
November 16:  Turkey Raffle
November 24: Happy Thanksgiving
December 2 & 3: Bell Ringing.  Wear your Christmas red, your Santa hats and antlers. Bring your boom         boxes and Christmas music. 
December 7 (Pearl Harbor Day):  Creative women of the World - Lorelie Verlee
December 21:  Open
December 25: Merry Christmas
January 1, 2017:  HAP-py New Year
There are numerous opportunities Lions for you to become involved in YOUR CENTRAL LIONS CLUB.
Victor K. Fitch, Editor
                                            FORT WAYNE CENTRAL LIONS CLUB
                           1st and 3rd Wednesdays; 7:00 PM @ the Turnstone Complex
                                                    Michael Keesler, President
    10/5/:  Dianne May, Executive Director Cancer Services of Northeast Indiana
    10/19:  25B District Governor Al Arnold
    10/27:  Appreciation Banquet
    10/29:  White Cane Day
    11/2:    Open
    11/16:  Turkey Raffle  
    11/30:  Fifth Wednesday?    
    12/2:    Bell Ringing
    12/3:    Bell Ringing
    12/7:    Open
    12/21:  Open
APPRECIATION BANQUET:  P.P. Nancy Daugherty, 1st V.P. Rosa Gerra co-chair Lions:
    October 27, 2016 at the Pine Valley Country Club. $25.00 per person. Registration/Cash Bar @ 6:00     P.M. Dinner @ 7:00.  Lion Nancy e-mailed invitations. Reservations by October 17, 2016 to Come and celebrate a successful Bill Smith Golf Outing as we award the     dedicated charities, recognize sponsors, volunteers and special guests.  
WHITE CANE DAY:   Lions David Grant and Elmer Matthews co chairs. 
    Saturday, October 29 at the North Clinton St. SKroger Store. Volunteers work with members of the     Workers for the Blind collecting donations.  
CHRISTMAS BUREAU FAMILIES:  P.P. Nancy also e-mailed information in reference to the two families.     Lion Nancy needs the gifts and supplies by December 1. 
SALVATION ARMY "RED KETTLE" BELL RINGING:   Lion Bill Daugherty, Chairman.  Friday, December 2 and Saturday, December 3.  Lima Rd. Wal-Mart. - Both doors. Two Hour shifts from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Please team up with a fellow Lion, family members or introduce Lionism to a guest.  A boom box playing Christmas Carols does seem to help as does a cheery Christmas greeting.  Possibly a Santa hat or antlers along with your Lions vest (If it will fit over your winter clothes). There should be signs stating that Central Lions are ringing the bells for the Red Kettle Drive. 
Lion Secretary Terry Elser has been doing a tremendous job of reporting the Board and regular meeting     minutes.  Thank you Lion Terry.
Lion Treasurer Margaret Keesler is busy learning the financial ropes. Thank you Lion Margaret. 
NEXT MEETING:   Octorber 5 at the Turnstone Complex.  7:00 PM. A total of 28 warm bodies were present     at the last meeting and it was truly wonderful to see Lions that haven't been able to make the noon     meetings. There was still room for YOU,  your spouse, significant other and especially a guest or two.     Tracy and Franklin came from OH, Elmer and I were late but we made it so please come join us. (If you     don't have time for supper (I'm old school) Dinner to you blue bloods, there will be those who go to eat     after the meeting.)
Victor K. Fitch, Editor
                                     September 4, 2016
HEADS UP:  The FIRST MEETING of this new Lions’ Year is this coming WEDNESDAY, September 7 at 7:00 P.M. at Turnstone in the NEW Building, first room on the right. 
Johnny Appleseed Festival -  P.P. Lion Nancy Daugherty e-mailed a sign-up sheet with the days, dates and shifts needed.   Please look for that attachment and sign up.  
Lion Bill Daugherty,  Bell Ringing Chairman has sign-up sheets available.  Please contact Lion Bill for your preferred shift (if still available) and contact your fellow Lion, Family member(s) or friends. 
Board Meeting Echoes:  Lion Secretary Terry Elser  e-mailed the  minutes to you but here a few reminders:
DUES are PAST DUE!  32 members paid. 18 second notices to be mailed. PLEASE pay your dues so that YOUR Lions Club can function in a proper business attitude such as the following: 
The Board meetings will be at Turnstone on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 PM.  The Board was notified that a $30.00 fee will be charged the club whenever a room is utilized. Potentially, that is $90.00 per month.  (Two regular meetings and a board meeting.) 
Johnny Appleseed Festival:  The Turners’ Organization is charging $225.00  to park the reefer and New Haven Lions’ cooker.  The Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo has been contacted regarding taking the straw but no reply had been received (as of the bd meeting.)   
Johnny Appleseed Park Playground Cleanup was  Saturday, August 27 @ 11:00 AM.  Only 2 Lions availed themselves to help Lion Terry and those Lions enjoyed and appreciated his burgers, dogs and beans lunch. 
Remembering the Lions Motto WE SERVE: 
*Blind Bowlers, Mondays @ 1:30 P.M.
*Workers of the Blind Thursdays. 
*Transportation needs to an appointment.  Please contact Lions Dave           Grant or Elmer Matthews.  
 *Friends in Focus. The sight-impaired choir needs a driver or two for Tuesday afternoon rehearsals and performances.  If you like to sing,  warm up those vocal chords. Please contact Lion Chip Perry, lion or telephone (260) 341-5038.   Please remember  that Helen Keller challenged us to be the Knights of the Blind.  
The Appreciation Banquet will be held at the Pine Valley Country Club  October 27.  Time: 6:00 PM; Cost-$25.00 per person;   Invitations with the menu and meal selections are forth coming. Lions P.P. Nancy Daugherty and 1st. V.P. Rosa Gerra are co-chairing this event. 
White Cane Drive for the Workers of the Blind will be October 29 at the North Clinton St. Scott‘s Store.  Lion Dave Grant, Chair person. 
Lion President Mike is still looking for a Program Chair,  a Tail-Twister and MIDDLE SCHOOL SPEECH CONTEST Chairperson as of the Board Meeting.  Lion Rosa Gerra volunteered to work with Lion Mike on Membership. 
Lions President Mike and Sam Armstrong are the Tom Turkeys for the Turkey Raffle.  That date has not been officially noted but the Third meeting of the month is November 16.  Thanksgiving is Thursday, November 24.
There are numerous opportunities Lions for you to become involved in YOUR CENTRAL LIONS CLUB.
Lion Victor K. Fitch, Editor
                                        FORT WAYNE CENTRAL LIONS CLUB
                                                       August 4, 2016
Wednesday Noon  Lunch at Hall’s Gas House: 6 of the Faithful Few attended.  YOU were missed. 
Johnny Appleseed Festival - P.P. Lion Nancy Daugherty is thrilled at the opportunity to demonstrate her leadership skills.  Please plan to sign up for a shift.  It was discussed that a shift needs to be longer than two hours as it takes awhile to get established as to you will doing.  The Turners’ Organization (where we park the reefer and the New Haven Lions’  cooker) has yet to determine where those trailers will be parked and what fee will be assessed.  They will not trade our parking space for the straw we use so what to do with all that straw?   Donate it to the zoo or possibly sell it to a contractor.  The problem is whomever takes the straw needs to be there ASAP at closing time lest free loaders abscond with it. 
Lion Bill Daugherty is the chairman of the Bell Ringing Project for 2016 per his recent e-mail.  Thanks Lion Bill!   (One door will be available for the 8:00-10:00 shift on Friday.  The Garfield/Hanson Team “Will be with us in spirit”  J
Board Meeting Echoes: (as jotted down by the cub reporter.) Lion Secretary Terry Elser  e-mailed his minutes to you so there might be some duplication. 
The Board meetings will be at Turnstone on the fourth Monday of the month at 6:00 PM. No official action was taken by the Board regarding that nor has the exact room been established. 
Central Lions Club received a 2016  Speech and Hearing Patch for our club banner for the $600.00 donated.  
Johnny Appleseed Park Playground Cleanup:  Saturday, August 27 @ 11:00 AM.  Power blowers appreciated.  It will not be washed down. 
Perfect Attendance Awards:  Do you want them?  Do we need them? Those questions were asked.  Please let your officers and board members know your thoughts about this.   
Make-up Meetings (for Attendance Awards):  One two (2) hour shift at a Lions’ project is required for every regular club meeting missed.  Attendance at another Lions’ Club meeting qualifies. Be certain to get a note from that club’s secretary stating the date, time and place of that meeting.  PROJECT CHAIRPERSONS:  Please notify Lion Secretary Elser those Lions whom worked and how many shifts for the current Lion Year.  July 1 to June 30.
Remembering the Lions Motto WE SERVE, are you seeking opportunities to serve?  Talk with Lion Dave Grant about driving for the Blind Bowlers on Mondays or for the Workers of the Blind and their Thursday meetings.  Frequently a sight impaired person needs transportation to an appointment.  Lions Dave or Elmer Matthews are great contacts for that. 
Friends in Focus, a sight-impaired choir needs drivers for Tuesday afternoon rehearsals and performances.  If you like to sing, they would be delighted to have you join in.  For additional information please contact Lion Chip Perry, President, Anthony Wayne Lions Club at or telephone (260) 341-5038.   Please remember Lions that Helen Keller challenged us to be the Knights of the Blind.These people need and truly appreciate our help plus they are a lot of fun. 
A request from a nursing student at Ivy Tech requesting funds for a mission trip to the Caribbean was denied because the request was considered to be more “self oriented” than “others”.  Also, if the club donated to this person, the flood gates would open. 
First V.P. Lion Rosa Gerra asked what our policy is for such requests. The club evidently doesn’t have such a policy in writing.  Does Lons International?  It was decided that the Health Services Committee should consider such and present a policy.  Lions Rosa and  V. Fitch offered to serve on that committee.  To this writer’s knowledge, President Mike has yet confirm a chair person for that committee. Lion Fred Bolton has done an admirable job doing so in previous years. 
Lion John Butler, Membership Chair, spoke of a MeetUp Ap as a way to invite the pubic to our projects and to acquaint them with Lionism  and possible membership. It is a free Ap.  
Did you miss the Three Rivers Parade?  Lion PP President Nancy  provides this information to obtain a copy of the video.  To order online:  $15.00 per copy.  To order by mail: The Video Factory, PO Box 11613, F.W., IN 46859.  Questions?  Call (260) 744-6511 or e-mail:
The Appreciation Banquet will be held at the Pine Valley Country Club  October 27.  Time, menu and prices TBA.   
White Cane Drive for the Workers of the Blind will be October 29.  Drivers needed. A chair person has yet to be selected by President Mike. 
Lion President Mike is also looking for a Program Chair:  His thinking is that it would be nice to have one meeting as the regular business meeting and the second meeting be a “destination” meeting.  Perhaps tour the Embassy,  the winery on Lima Rd.,  The Lincoln Tower or  perhaps someplace YOU have always wanted to tour. 
Monday, 8/1  was the Blind Bowlers Summer League last night. The Fall League starts Monday, September 26 @ 1:30 PM.  Figure 4 hours to pick up the bowlers, help them at the Thunder Bowl and return home.  Please contact Dave Grant to help.  They allow me to bowl when space allows.  Come and watch.  “Hey Fitch! At least you could wear dark glasses and look like one of us”, said previous Lion Ralph Jones.   Last summer, former Lion Chad Beech, a “total” (blind) rolled a 200.  My score???  Please see the comment by Mr. Jones.     
Victor K. Fitch,  Lionews Editor


postLionews 6-28-16

If you worked at the Johnny Appleseed Park clean up, Secretary Terry Elser needs your name.
If you showed up or volunteered at Turnstone for the Ceremonial Shovel turning, Terry needs your name.
If you worked at any event, even SolFest, Terry needs your name.
If you don't tell him and he don't know, you don't get credit or a pin.
My job here is done.....8-)
See you at Halls??
once upon an editor
Keith E. Hanson


Lionews 6-26-16

My fellow has been a blast.
Our schedule is somewhat still in limbo BUT, we will be on a scouting trip to FL the beginning of July.
The ESTATE SALE at our home (not auction) will be July 22-23....then we sell the house....then we leave for the sunny south.
We will try to be at Hall's this Wednesday noon. You should also.
If you have always wanted to have your words published, ask President Mike if you can be his Lionews editor.
It has been an honor. Thank you to Central for our greatly appreciated Progressive WP Woods Fellow.
Keith E. Hanson and Linda Garfield
               (the Garsons)

Lionews 6-8-16

TONIGHT is the Installation Banquet. 
($25 per person, 6:00 pm, Ventura Room)
Top two reasons to attend:
1. Thank Nancy for all of her hard work and successes during her Lion Year
2. Welcome Mike into office with his new officers and board.
If you do not have reservations, shame on you....but if you call Mike and BEG, he might get you in.
See you there.

Vision Walk this Saturday at Headwaters Park.
8:30 am  main pavilion.
You will also receive 2 German-fest Tickets, good for FREE entry and food!
Linda Garfield is the Team Captain; check in with her (and me).
See you there.
Keith E. Hanson Editor
my work is almost done.....
New Lion News editor needed; 
Face Book administrator needed for our Central Lions Club page 
and our Bill Smith Golf Outing page. 
Volunteer with Mike Keesler.
Lionews 5-17-16
This Wednesday at the History Center.
11:30 sign in.
Middle School Speech Contest Winners
Pizza and salad lunch. $10 for Lions and guests.
Over 55 signed up! We expect over 70 to attend.
Good crowd, good kids!
Keith E. Hanson
Lionews 5-2-16
The Indiana Lions State Convention is in the books.
Central Lions Club was represented by Bev and Dave Fiandt, Nancy Daugherty, Linda Garfield and Keith Hanson and associate member Wayne Madden. Over 575 Lions attended the Saturday night banquet.
Lion Paul Rider from the Shoaff Park Club was awarded "Indiana Lion of the Year" recognition.
Congratulations Lion Paul!
Linda and I attended a "Amish haystack lunch" on Saturday. It was like a taco salad with crackers and rice added. Interesting, filling and tasty. I think it could be a dinner or fund raiser some time......
SolFest was busy and almost sold out of goodies on Sunday. Waiting for report.
Middle School speech contest luncheon is Wednesday May 18 at the History Center.
Pizza and salad lunch will be $10 for Lions and Lion guests.
We are looking to pack the house.
I would appreciate a reservation please. I need a count for our pizza and salad order.
Vision walk June 11th has 12 signed wanna? Tell Lion Linda.
Tin Caps June 15th, 22 signed up! Only room for 3 more!! Better hurry!
If you have news for the club, please let me know. I can't print it if I don't know it.
Keith E. Hanson
Lionews 4-26-16
(stuff from Lion Secretary Linda Garfield)
White Elephant made a total of $383.00 for the Administration Fund.
Zone Meeting for Zones E & F will take place at the Dupont YMCA on May 14, 2016 from 11 AM to 2 PM.  Presidents and Secretaries are mandatory,
all other Lions members are welcome.  This will be the last Zone Meeting for this season, so Keith and I along with the Platzers are serving Hotdogs/Coney Dogs,
Chips and Soda Pop, may have a cookie or two available also.
(these are the soon to be world famous Keith's Koneys)
Cabinet Meeting, May 15, 2016 in Roanoke, this will take place at the Roanoke Cottage Event Center, lunch will be served for $15.00 per person.  This will start at
12:00 noon registration.  All Lions are welcome.
Shoaff Park is celebrating 60 years in service on June 1, 2016 at Pine Valley Country Club, starting at 6:30 pm.  $20.00 per person. 
Sheet attached with information.
Vision Walk is taking place on June 11, 2016 with registration at 8:30 AM at Headwaters Park, come early.  The walking starts at 10 AM, It is approx. 1 1/2 miles of easy walking,
then after eat a brat and have a beer! Our Club has registered 11 Lions from our Club.  Our Club has sent a donation of $500.00 for this event, but a pledge of $750.00, set by
Rachel Martin at the Foundation was given as a challenge.  I told her, maybe we can do this!  So everyone, collect from family and friends, neighbors, etc. and bring to me the
morning of registration.  We can do this challenge!!!!!
Tincaps  Game will be June 15, 2016. 
We still have room for a few more if you still want to come.  We have 18 Lions, and family coming to date.  It is $24.00 per person, for game
ticket, food, fireworks.  This is a Club Fun Event.
(thanks Linda)
Lionews 4-21-16
It is over and official: we have some new officers and directors.
2016-2017 Officers and Directors
President:  Mike Keesler
1st Vice President:  Rosa Gerra
2nd Vice President:  Mark Hartman
Secretary:  Terry Elser
Treasurer: (to be appointed)
Membership Chair:  John Butler
Board of Directors (3 elected)
          Victor Fitch
          Larry Freeman
          Dave Grant
          (2 more to be appointed after installation)
Look for announcements about changeover and appointments.
White Elephant Sale is in the books thanks to Mike Keesler, Margaret Keesler, Linda Garfield and yours truly.
It might not have been the biggest, but 22 people had a blast....and spent $282 for items and $100 for food and $20 anonymous. All in all $402 for the administrative fund! If you missed it....well you MISSED IT!
The Tin Caps outing is filling up. We have 18 reservations with a maximum capacity of 25....if you're gonna, you better soooooon. That is a FIREWORKS GAME June 15th. $24 per person, call or email Linda.
or 450-7292
Keith E. Hanson
editor in chief....:)


Lionews 4-3-16

Meeting April 4th--oops--April 6th
Special Guest Speaker: Lana Keesling, Fort Wayne City Clerk.
This is a do not miss meeting. 
Learn about parking patrol, City Council meetings and staff efficiency procedures.
6:00PM @ Turnstone facility on North Clinton
We will be in the room next to the Goal Ball Gym.
Nancy says there will be sloppy joes, ham salad, chips and drinks (cost not determined).
Let's make this a resounding success for Nancy, Mike and Central. Bring GOOD stuff to auction, bring friends with money, bring your own MONEY to spend on goodies.
April 29th - May 1st  State Convention at Shipshewana
April 30th - May 1st SolFest at Fox Island
volunteers needed (see Bobbie R.)
May 4th Open Discussion
May 18th Middle School Speech Contest
History Center  Pizza/salad/soda/cookies
May 26th Bill Smith Golf Outing @ Autumn Ridge
Golfers, advertisers, gift donors and volunteers needed
June 11th  Vision Walk 
@ Headwaters Park 8:00 am, preregistration recommended 
June 15th Tin Caps Fireworks game $24 per person
open to the first 25 paid reservations (11 in already)
Date unknown changeover board meeting
Sept. 16th - 18th Johnny Appleseed Festival
need everyone!
attachment is all about the USA Canada Forum to be held in Omaha this year.
To Central Lions members:
We have over 50 members and only about 15 show up for meetings, why? Our program committee is doing a bang up job of getting current event speakers with interesting presentations. President Nancy is trying new locations, new times, new events, still only 15-18 show up, why? 
A few said keep it downtown for convenience and don't show up; a few said lunch too expensive so we have a $10 pizza lunch coming up and another with sloppy joes and ham salad. 
A few of us have the first and third Wed. as a personal OBLIGATION. We joined. We attend. We serve.
I know clubs with only 18 members and 15 show up! 
These are great events to be proud of. Show up and support your club.
If you think this was aimed at you, it probably was.
Lion Keith Hanson
Keith E. Hanson, EDITOR
View in browser
USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum
Greetings from the Planning Committee of the USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum.  In our attached March Newsletter,  you will find some exciting projects that we have planned for you in Omaha.  Please share this with your clubs and districts.
© 2016 USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum


Corrected by City Clerk Lana!
She reports to me she will be there, will you?
Thanks Lana, see you then.
I'm glad someone reads my newsletters.....
Keith E. Hanson


Lionews 3-29-16

We have an election coming at Central Lions.
This is a request from PID Dave Fiandt:
I think all we need to send out now is a notice of the 4/20 nominating meeting at which time the slate will be "represented".  Nancy will let us know where the meeting will be held and the time. Will probably be a night meeting. 
Nominations will be taken from the floor at which time the final slate will be sent out along with an announcement of the election meeting to be held 14 days later (14 day notice is required). 
Nomination someone you think will do a good job for the club.....ASK PERMISSION FIRST!
Keith E. Hanson
Lionews 3-24-16
from Bobbie Renbarger:
Could you please add Solfest to the list of coming events.  
It is April 30 and May 1, 2016.  
Thanks. Bobbie
a fun event with good music  at this Fox Island weekend.
always a good event.
It is a definite date. May 18th will be the middle school speech contest winners award luncheon. It will be at the History Center. The menu is pizza, salad, cookies and soda. Price per Lion to be determined, all guests will be compliments of Central Lions activities fund......ok Ed? 
See you all next Wednesday.
Keith E. Hanson




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