Sean Donelan (President) with Rob Sand (Previous President)

2019-2020 Lions Club Officers, Board of Directors      
President - Sean Donelan            
Treasurer - John Eberhart             
Secretary - Jay Simpson            
Lion Tamer - Rob Sand            
Tail Twister - Gary Oetjen          
First VP: Bill Hochleutner            
Membership and Attendance: Brady Grimm        
Program Chair: Drew Schwegman, Nathaniel Sizemore      
Audit, Budget, Finance: JR Stull           
Constitution and Bylaws: Pat Story          
House: Jerry Dunn             
Second VP: Nathan Day          
Sight Conservation: Mark Dowling           
Civic Improvement: Derek Faught      
Jaw Editor, Club Communications: John Hengelbrok, Mark Collier      
Website: Tom Meyer, Nathan Day            
Roster, Mailing Labels: Dave Huddleston         
Historian: David Cameron            
Social Committees             
A - Matt Dowling,Tim Feldbruegge, Matt Koenig, Adam Meier, Colin Muehlenkamp, Sy Young =Christmas 
B - Mark Buten, Jerry Dunn, Jimmy Dale Roy, John Hengelbrok, Charlie Valz = Ladies  
C - Mark Collier, Kevin Haas, Lee Weinel, Rich King, Ken Honchell = Brunch     
Third VP: Tom Meyer            
Concession Stand: Rob Beimesche (Chair), David Miller, Matt Ewald, Corey Plybon  
Pancake Breakfast: John Ellison          
Publicity and PR: Mark Collier          
Scholarship Committee: Stull, Weinel, Dowling, Hochleutner, Huddleston     
Fundraising: Cameron, Lanich, Grimm, van Santen         


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