May 2010:

  • Charter Night:  Induction of members and Installation of officers along with 2 fundraising projects.
  • State conference: 11 of our newly inducted members attended state conference to understand the organization better.
  • Asian American Heritage Celebration: Members of our club represented the Lions district 16-D to promote Lionism
  • Edison Memorial Day Parade:  Our presence was felt in this parade on the 30th May 2010 in Edison.  The Club had the Eye Care mobile van around the event to showcase the services that EVLC is ready to deliver to the community.

June 2010:

  • Run for a Dream: Our member participated in 5K run for a dream, a fundraiser for vocational training for under privileged teenagers.
  • Governor’s testimonial dinner: Our members participated in DG testimonial dinner to build a rapport with the district officers and members of other clubs.

July 2010

  • New members: Elected 3 new members under “Each one, reach one” program
  • “Cooling earth and warming hearts” (Focus on environment and families): Unanimously accepted to reduce the use of paper for the club operation. Requesting the members, district and international to use the electronic media for communication.
  • Club Twinning: Signed twinning agreement with Ghatkopar Galaxy Lions Club, India (Dist 323A-2). Member attended their installation and board meeting.
  • International Interaction: Member attended installation of Pune Prabhat Lions Club, India. (Dist 323D-2) to improve international interaction.
  • International Interaction: Members had a meeting with Lioness District (Dist 323A-2) micro-cabinet to discuss future twinning programs. Expect a big announcement in near future.

August 2010

  • LEO club: Following LCI Global service action campaign, sponsored LEO club with 21 registered members. Orientation meeting on September 2nd and installation on September 18th.
  • Club Picnic: To improve the fellowship among the members, organized a club family picnic, well received by the club members.
  • Helping Lions: Setting up a technology hotline to support clubs in 16-D to help them with their technology needs.  The number is (732) 455 2-16D, you can also send your queries to

September 2010

  • USA/Canada leadership forum: Our president attended and actively participated in USA/Canada leadership forum
  • Leo Club Installation: 21 new members inducted and Leo officers were installed in a twin installation ceremony with Edison Leo club.
  • Joyshop: Conducted a stress management workshop on September 17th. Was well received by the attendants

October 2010

  • MAVIS fundraiser: Volunteered at Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for MAVIS (Music Association for Visually Impaired Students), a lions state project.
  • Art Workshop: Conducted an art workshop for students focusing on “Lions Peace Poster” competition on October 23rd

November 2010

  • Diwali Celebration: Celebrated Diwali with overwhelming participation. Traditional Indian food and songs highlighted the event.
  • Book donation: Donated books to a school library in poor neighborhood with Lioness Club of Belapur (Dist. 323 A2).
  • Fancy dress competition: Co-hosted a fancy dress competition with Ghatkopar Galaxy Lions Club (Dist. 323 A2) to encourage pre-teens from 10 schools from very poor neighborhoods. Distributed lunch boxes to the students
  • Membership Summit: 2 of our members were facilitators at the district membership summit and 2 more members attended the event.

December 2010

  • Christmas Social: Celebrated Christmas with Santa bringing in gift for kids and kids at heart.
  • Recycling Club: EVLC launched Go-Green initiative in January 2011. The committee has decided to concentrate on "Reuse" from 'Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” mantra. This program includes collecting bottle caps, soda can tabs and crayons. Existing curbside recycling programs allow consumers to collect various glass and plastic bottles and put them out in blue/green containers. This program excludes caps of the bottles. We will collect bottle or jar caps and donate them to reuse program at a company like Aveda. We have setup boxes for collecting bottle caps at various locations including car dealerships and office locations. Crayons recycling include collecting crayons through the club's cub program and make some recycled art. The third program includes collecting soda can tabs to be given to Ronald McDonald House of Charities as they can raise some funds from the soda manufacturing companies. This would be an ongoing program throughout the year.
  • Dance for Individuals with Special Needs (Holiday Dance): About 200 individuals with special needs attended Holiday dance at Stelton Community Center. Individuals with special needs have limited exposure to social life. Besides being fun, an inclusive caring environment builds their confidence. It builds balance, coordination and overall health and brings them as closer to normal life as possible.
  • Basket of Cheer: Helped East Brunswick Lions Club to deliver basket of cheer to deserving families. Donated wrapping material, stocking stuffers and cake.

January 2011

  • Eye Screening Camp: Conducted an eye check up camp in a tribal area in Western India where median daily income is less than a dollar . This was the 1st eye checkup camp in Malwada more than a decade. About 250 patients were screened. 150 of them needed corrective lances and 35 were detected with operable cataract.
  • Library Donation: Along with Lioness club of Belapur, donated a book library to a needy school in poor neighborhood in Navi Mumbai, India. Education keeps the student out of trouble and criminal activities.

February 2011

  • Library Donation: Along with Lioness club of Belapur, donated a book library to a needy school in rural neighborhood in Kopra, India.
  • Valentine's day with disadvantaged children: Celebrated Valentine’s day in a nursery with some fun competitions. About 30 children from poor neighborhood were the beneficiaries.
  • Lunch Program assistance: Funded a lunch program for 30 toddlers in poor neighborhood. Provided them with food for 2 weeks.
  • Dance for Individuals with Special Needs (Be my Valentine): About 150 individuals with special needs attended “Be my Valentine” dance
  • Grain Donation: Donated 1000 Lbs of rice, 1000 lbs of wheat and 500 lbs of Sugar to the deserving families in Tribal India. More than 250 families were benefitted.
  • Cataract Surgery Camp: Patients from tribal Malwada were transported to Thane and our own Lion Dr. Kshipra Aphale operated on these patients for free in her state of art hospital in Thane.

March 2011

  • Winter run: To encourage healthy lifestyle among the members, participated in “Asbury Park 1/2 Marathon Relay” hosted by NJ road runners club. 2 teams with 7 members participated the event. EVLC1 team won the corporate team event. EVLC2 team was not to far behind.
  • Art/Sport Competition: Along with Lions club of Bombay uptown, hosted a sport and Culture competition for Students with special needs. Students from 10 schools attended this two day event.

April 2011

  • Club sponsorship: Co-sponsored Pune Visionary Lions Club.
  • Leo Club:  Established a Leo club in Sayreville. (Sayreville Visionary Leo Club)
  • Dance for Individuals with Special Needs (Spring Fling): About 150 individuals with special needs attended “Spring Fling” dance
  • Early childcare center & Vocational guidance center: Once upon a time US had goodwill all over the world. Lionism was spread in 200+ geographical region with that goodwill. But in recent times it is observed that American and Americans are not respected. To help gain that respect back, we decided to have a project that touches hearts. In suburban India, there are too many kids who are homeless and live on streets. They are easy target for criminal gangs or terrorist organization. Attack on foreign interest in Mumbai on 11/26/2008 was dubbed as a trial run for such an attack in cities like NY. Educating the homeless and fringe settlers and making them financially independent were the goals of Operation oasis. We teamed with ARPHEN (Association of Rural People for Health and Educational Needs) and embassy of Luxemburg to provide such service for a are in Navi Mumbai. Lioness Club of Belapur accepted to be liaison between our club and ARPHEN. Under Operation Oasis, we started 2 programs 1. Late Ms. Shantabai Joshi Early Childcare center: Named after the grandmother of Lion Anu Chitnis, who pledge 50% of all expenses for next 4 years, this early childcare center will serve the underprivileged kids in the society. A nutritious breakfast and lunch is provided to all the students. The goal is to have the children ready to be accepted in public schools. We already have an enrollment of 30 children. 2. Lions Vocational Guidance center: With active support and seed funding from Embassy of Luxemburg, we started a vocational guidance center in the same building of Early childcare center. This center will be training homeless girls and battered women from local slums. The students will receive seed money to establish a business after their graduation. The products manufactured during the training will be sold in local market and exported to Luxemburg to provide that funding. We are thankful to Embassy of Luxemburg in India for their support. We started courses in sewing. We will be starting several new courses accessing the interest of the students.

May 2011

  • State convention: 12 members from EVLC attended state convention.
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