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Beach and park trail cleanup are two of our primary environmental activities. We have participated in cleaning at the Raritan Bay South Amboy Waterfront, trail-making at Davidson's Mill Pond Park, and more. Clearing litter, removing invasive species, and managing plant overgrowth are very important to preserving the health of the environment; while participating in these services, our members are able to learn about the positive effect they are capable of having on nature. Our club believes that environmental maintenance is both a valuable experience and a critical task, and we are enthusiastic about contributing time and effort towards creating a cleaner and healthier natural community.  


Our Lions Club is dedicated to annually donating books to children in need. We collect many books for donation, including books from the collections of our own members. These books are carefully packaged into mailing boxes by our Leos and shipped away to wherever they are needed most. We have donated books around the world to countries including the Philippines and Africa, and we hope that the children in these countries can use these books to further their educations and better their lives.  


Supporting local community-benefiting organizations such as the New Jersey Community Food Bank is also one of our primary objectives. At the Food Bank, donated food is sorted into different categories-- a job often done by our Lions Club volunteers-- and shipped off to people in need. The food is all well regulated and safe to eat, as the Food Bank always stays aware of the quality and shelf life of the food that it processes. Our work there directly helps our local community and gives food to those who need it.  


Each year on Veterans Day, the Lions Club shows their appreciation for the veterans at the NJ Veterans Memorial Home with a series of performances from our Musical Entertainment Group. By singing, dancing, and playing a variety of instruments, the Lions do their best to honor and entertain the veterans who have contributed to our country's peace and prosperity.  


Environmental Book Donation Food Bank Veteran Home



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