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Our commitment to service and our desire to further push the boundaries of what a volunteering organization can do impelled us to form the Edison Metro Lions Club Musical Entertainment Group in 2008 with members from the Edison Metro Lions Club and its sponsored Leos clubs. Although it started out small, more and more members joined each year. Many of our members have over a decade of experience in performing arts of all types, and they devote much of their time and effort to serving the community with music.

Our group has performed at several Lions Clubs International Conventions (Minneapolis, Toronto, Chicago) as well as at NJ Lions state conventions, charity fundraising events, and senior centers in Edison and other NJ townships. Some of our Leos (under 18 years old) have even been invited to Shanghai, China to perform piano at musical festivals.

Our entertainment program includes a wide range of genres, including Broadway, opera, classical music, pop songs, and traditional Chinese dancing. It can be enjoyed by audiences of many different backgrounds and walks of life. Moreover, we provide a complete high-quality sound system.

We are available on weekends and holidays. A three-week notice for booking is preferred. Any amount of donation to our Lions Club is welcome, and will be used strictly for charity purposes towards helping low-income families and visually impaired individuals.

Lions Description

Name: Eddie Hui

Title: Director, Singer

Name: Linnie Hui

Title: Emcee, Singer, Dancer

Name: Ying Zhang

Title: Choreographer, Dancer

Name: Songyan Chen

Title: Singer

Name: Margaret Zhu

Title: Dancer, Emcee

Name: Yingting Zhang

Title: Emcee, Dancer

Name: Wendy Zheng

Title: Singer, Dancer

Name: June Li

Title: Dancer

Name: Grace Lui

Title: Dancer

Name: Weihong Yu

Title: Dancer

Talent Leos
  • Clara Lee
  • Kristen Lee
  • Helen Liu
  • Danielle Yan
  • Lixia Cao
  • Christina Chin
  • Elissa Fang
  • Lucy Gao
  • Grace He
  • Justine Huang
  • Tuo Wang
  • Celia Weng
  • Michael Chen
  • Vincent Chen
  • Kevin Ge
  • Aaron Zhu
  • Michael Shen
  • Cassie Wang
  • Aaron Zhu
  • Clara Lee
  • Kristen Lee
  • Albert Leung



Leo Entertainment Group

Leo Entertainment Group, NJ Veterans Memorial Home, August 2017

Lions Performances

Lions Entertainment Group, Award Winning Performances



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