As you all know we are living thru very unusual times for the whole world! We've added phrases like

"Social Distancing", "Sherlter in place", "Coronavirus"", Covid-19", Pandermic.....

                                             Help STOP Coronavirus

                                  HANDS        Wash them often

                                  ELBOWS     Cough into it

                                  FACE           Do Not Touch

                                  FEET           Stay more than 6 feet apart

                                  FEEL           Sick? Stay home

With all of the closurers, restrictions, changes, the Officers of the Dover Lions Club have decided 

to cancel all club activities thru the end of April. If we are called upon to help we will communicate

to you via a phone call, otherwise please follow the CDC recommendations and STAY HOME.

Shelter in place and practice social distancing if you need to be out in public.

Thanks for being a Lions, Together WE SERVE and make a difference in our community!!
























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