Devon Lions Service Project

                  For those in Isolation,

                  the Devon Lions Club     

                       is here to help.


       We Serve


Whether you are in Self-Isolation or in Quarantine, any resident within the Town of Devon may need assistance in getting necessary grocery, food, or pharmacy items.  Members of the Devon Lions Club are here to help

Devon Lions has been in contact with the following local Businesses who have the ability to take orders and payments online, via email, or by phone:

Business Name:

   Phone In Order:

Email Order to:

Online Orders Website:

Devon IGA

   780 987-2626

 (credit card only)





Hardy’s Independent Foods





once you receive notification call Lyle @ 780 719-5336






VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This is how this service will work, between 10 am and 2 pm. Monday to Friday.

The resident who needs this service will place their order with any of the above listed businesses,

At the time of order the resident will need to provide payment, their physical address, phone number, and indicate that they want their order to be delivered by the Devon Lions.

When the order is ready to be picked up, the Business will contact the Devon Lions Hotline, in turn a member of the Devon Lions Club will be dispatched to pick-up and deliver the order to the Resident.

When the Devon Lions member arrives at the Delivery address, that member will call the resident, place the order on the front doorstep, and wait at the street for the resident to retrieve their order from the doorstep.

The Devon Lions member will not leave until the order is retrieved.  In addition, all assigned Devon Lions Members will be using appropriate protective equipment.

The Devon Lions Club will not be charging for this service.   And will not be responsible for the contents of the order.

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