Our Mission:  We stand to serve our local and suburban community without monetary rewards and foster friendship with the other Lions Club locally and globally. We are fully committed and continue to honor the Lions Club International Foundation Slogan.


Our Projects:  Ongoing efforts to help organizations like

  • Leader Dog School for the Blind.
  • Penrickton Center for the Blind Children.
  • Beaumont Silent Children’s Fund.
  • Eversight Michigan Greater Detroit Agency for The Blind and Visually Impaired.
  • Lions Hearing Center of Michigan.
  • Bear Lake Lions Visually Impaired Youth Camp.
  • We also help out our local and suburban community during crisis.
  • Diabetes awareness.
  • Feed the Children Campaign Initiative - New.
  • Campaign 100 Project Initiative - New.



Lion William (Larry) Young had a vision and an internal desire for forming a club that would serve the humanitarian cause. He was familiar with the outstanding dedication of services its members would render to the blind in the City of Detroit and other communities. With this vision and desire, he founded the Detroit Renaissance Club in the year 1973.

Lion William (Larry) Young sought membership in a local Lions Club. It was suggested at that time that he would be an ideal person to charter a new Lions Club. The Lions Club International encouraged all members attending a national convention to support all efforts of chartering minority clubs in all of the urban areas of the United States.

The Detroit Renaissance Lions Club received its charter on September 06, 1973, with a total of sixty-nine members. Among those attending this great event were Dr. Rikumo Ito - Dean: University of Detroit School of Business Administration, Dr. Jesse Goodwin - Director of Detroit Health Department, District Governor Lion Stratford Hilliard, Lion Marty Manoogian P.D.G., Lion Don Smaichand, Lion Bud Goodwin, and Lion William (Larry) Young along with other Charter Members. Also, in attendance were members of the Lions from State of Michigan and across the United Sates.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that profoundly affected European intellectual life in the early modern period. Beginning in Italy, and spreading to the rest of Europe by the 16th century, its influence was felt in literature, philosophy, art, music, politics, science, religion and other aspects of intellectual inquiry. During the 1970’s the City of Detroit was struggling to rise and flourish after the riots of 1967. The word Renaissance would be fitting tribute to this rising City and the Club was named as The Detroit Renaissance Lions Club.

This club is a small but a mighty club. We have been in existence for 40+ years and have a proven track record for a Strong Leadership. We have produced Leaders whose contribution will never be forgotten. Their names are listed below:

  • Lion William (Larry) Young - Elected District Governor for District 11 - A1 in the year 1982.
  • Lion William (Larry) Young - Elected International Director at the International Convention held in Hong Kong for a 2 Year term beginning in the year 1992.
  • Lion Ronald Coleman - Elected District Governor for District 11 - A1 in the year 1998.
  • Lion Donald G. Smith - Elected Cabinet Treasurer for District 11- A1 in the 2009.
  • Lion Harold Stephens - Elected District Governor for District 11 - A1 in the year 2011.
  • Lion Michael A. Harper - Serving as Region 1, Zone 2 Chair since 2013. She is also the Membership Chairman of Our Club.
  • Lion Roshni Patel is 1st. Vice District Governor  for District 11-A1 for Fiscal year 2020/2021.




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