Here is a sample of our Community Service Programs for Del Sol Lions:
New Year's Day Tournament of Roses Parade Watch Party
Creating the LCI Float for the 127th Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena
Thanksgiving for residents of Los Analos Apartments in Solana Beach
·                  Lion Craig Garcia is the POC and Lion Veronica Spencer is the bi-lingual Lion
·                  Suzie Colby has alerted CRC social services team about the needs of these residents.
·                  Lion Tracy to contact apartment owner and learn more about the situation/residents.
·                  Lions Craig/Veronica to visit apartments and develop a plan.
·                  20 baskets of food and clothing and toys delivered by Del Sol Lions on Saturday, November 27, at 10 a.m.
CRC Holiday Basket Program
·                  Over 2 dozen Lion volunteers help prepare items for Holiday Basket Program at the Fairgrounds on Dec. 5 from 4-7.
·                  Lion Linette Page is working with the City of Del Mar to define a co-sponsored drive. Focusing in Del Mar will expand the reach of CRC and the Lions in that community.
Cash for Cell Phones Environmental Program
·     An ad in the Lions magazine offered cash for cell phones as a fundraiser; they   provide complete kits, including collection bags, free mailing labels, etc.
·     We would like to use this program to fund an environmental service project in our area, potentially one identified by the SB Clean and Green Committee on Nov. 15.
·     According to the sponsor, December/January are the best months to collect phones.
·     Lions Paul and Tracy will talk with Verizon and ATT, respectively about collecting phones in there DM/SB stores.
·     Lion Linette to contact the Post Office about leveraging their free phone recycling program.
MAEGA Scholarship Program
·     The director will attend the Jan. 25 member meeting to explain the program.
·     As our organization matures, we should insure requests are received and reviewed before groups address the general membership.
·     Linette to learn where MAEGA currently gets funding and what their request will likely be of Lions. If necessary, we will delay MAEGA to a later date.
Make Our Mark Program
·     More great discussion and an acknowledgement that this will take a long time to come to fruition. First, we need to have a track record in the community.
·     In preparation, we should consider a reserve or capital fund to begin the funding process. Eventually, we can seek a big donor with seed money and/or property to offer as part of his/her legacy.
·     For now, we will not spend time brainstorming an idea; the big need in the community will surface with time.
 Cycling for Sight Bike Tour
When:  1:30 to 3:00 pm on Sunday, August 1, 2010, during the 6th annual Cycling for Sight Bike Tour.
How:  Post a Del Sol (DS) Lion amateur photographer a short distance before (to the north) the summit, with an assistant to alert when CFS jerseys are approaching, and snap on-bike photos of each cyclist, tandem team, or group of bikes.  Estimate a total of about 70 or so cyclists who will reach the summit in small groups, mostly during the 2 o'clock hour.  Another 2-3 DS Lions staff a light snack (e.g fresh fruit slices) and liquid table under the eucalyptus trees roadside at the summit, serving refreshments and perhaps shooting off-bike photos.
Why:  In the first 5 years of the CFS tour, we have never been able to organize and staff this climatic venue on route and memorialize the triumphant moment for CFS cyclists.  As a subgroup of the CFS-2010 tour, we will have a record number of about 20 Blind Stokers Club tandem teams of sighted captains partnered with blind or visually impaired stokers (rear seat, power plant).  These teams are made up of a cross-section of SD area neighbors who have been joined through the mission of the BSC, and at least one team from afar (Tennessee).
Epilogue:  After summitting and enjoying the refreshments, CFS cyclists roll on to the Glider Port for regroup, then parade mile to Pfizer (10646 Science Center Dr), for grand arrival and the CFS Finish Line Fair.  The Del Sol Lions who support the event are cordially invited to come to the FLF for an ice cream sundae and club recognition in CFS closing ceremonies, which will be heavily attended by families, friends and supporters of the returning cyclists.  Cyclists arrival is 3:30 p.m. and the festivities will last about an hour.
Del Sol Lions Support Mexicali Earthquake Victim Relief Efforts (May 2010) 
Del Sol Lions Club Charter Secretary Mary Jane Boyd (left) and Charter President Dave Roberts (right) recently packed up over 150 pounds of food and supplies collected by their club’s members in just two days for Mexicali earthquake relief efforts and delivered it to a central Lions distribution point.  This service project was part of a larger San Diego and Imperial Counties Lions Clubs’ effort to provide still much needed relief to the over 50,000 homeless residents as a result of the April 4th Mexicali earthquake.
Del Sol Lions Perform Free Health Check-Ups for Community! (June 2010)
The newly chartered Del Sol Lions club partnered with the San Diego Executives and the Imperial Valley Lions Clubs to perform over 100 health checks at the two-day Fiesta Del Sol celebration in Solana Beach.  Complimentary health services included blood pressure checks, diabetes screening, and glaucoma screening.  Of those people screened, three were determined to have been in the 1st stage of hypertension and three others were demonstrating a higher than normal Diabetes Test and therefore required to follow up with a physician.  One person was determined to have glaucoma and needing immediate follow-up with a professional.  Special thanks goes to Imperial Region Chair Larry Hudson for bring the Lions Medical Mobile Unit to Solana Beach for both days.  Congratulations to Bevin Dunn, Technology Coordinator for the Temwani Children's Foundation, who won the Grand Prize Stay and Play Golf Getaway Vacation Package to beautiful Mazatlan, Mexico, compliments of David Mirisch. 
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