As Lions, we have embraced Helen Keller's challenge to become "Knights for the Blind".  We run two programs - the Blind Skier and Camper Programs - that give visually impaired children the chance to enjoy the activities of the Deep Creek Lake area that they may not have had.

In both programs, we bring a number of students from the Maryland School for the Blind to Deep Creek Lake for a three days of snow skiing, water tubing, snowmobile riding, mountain coaster riding and all of the fun activities that the fully-sighted take for granted.  During the experiences, both the students and the volunteers learn a lot about themselves and each other.  The fearlessness of these blind students allowing you to lead them skiing down the mountain or being pulled behind a boat on a tube is amazing.

We also contribute to Lions Club international causes and funds which support the blind and disabled and provide local assistance to those who need help with eyeglasses or doctors' appointments.

We manage the community park with a pavillion, playground or softball field on Bumblebee Road, which can be rented for events for a small fee. Please use the contact information if you are interested in the use of the park.

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