The Concho Valley Lions Club started in 1987.

Back then the 21 Lions members were mostly retirees from the Concho Valley area. At present, Concho Valley Lions Club consist of 9 members.

The Concho Lions Community Park built by the Lions consists of approximately 3 acres located about 2 blocks west of the Jiffy Store in Concho Valley. The Park has a baseball field, basketball court, covered picnic area, and playgrounds. During the summer months the park is mowed once a week by volunteers.

About 12 pairs of eyeglasses are approved each year for those in need. When the Concho Valley Lions Club has enough funds the we also supply eyeglasses to eligible St. Johns residents since they do not have their own Lions Club.

Over the years the Lions have relied heavily on donations from SRP Employees through the Boosters program to help us provide this beautiful park  for our community and eyeglasses to those who are sight impaired.

The Concho Valley Lions Club is also a sponsor  for the Annual Memorial Day Parade in May, Oktoberfest in October and the Annual Christmas Bazaar in December.


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