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Lions stepped in to the town of Konghanpada  in the year 1992. Lions Club of Chittur came in to existence on the 2nd of May 1992, with Lions Club of Kozhinjampara sponsoring the same. The Club with 22 members from different professions was inaugurated by the then Dist. Governor Ln.K.P. John of Lions Club of Irinjalakuda. Lion S.Sukumar was elected as the Charter President and Lion S.Shaji as Charter Secretary and Lion T.A.Francis as the Charter Treasurer.

The Charter of this Club was presented on the 26th of September 1992.  The first representative from this club to the Dist. Cabinet was Late Lion C.Ravindranath in the year 1994-95.

Initially the meetings of this club was held at Govt. Girls High School, Chittur and presently it has moved to Hotel Indraprastha, Palakkad.

The first honor for this young club came in the form of Zone Chair Person when Lion S.Sukumar, the charter president was bestowed the post in the year 1995-96 under the Dist. Governorship of Lion.Er.Ramakrishna Menon MJF. Till date we were lucky to have had 6 Zone Chair persons on the roll. Ln.Adv.Jayakrishnan in the year 1996-97, Ln.Manoj.K.Menon in the year 2001-02, Ln.K.Mohanan in the year 2005-06, Ln.Sundaresan Menon MJF in the year 2006-07, Ln.Sudheer KumarMJF in the year 2008-09 and Ln.T.P.Radhakrishnan in the year 2010-11.

First Region Chairperson of this young club was also bestowed on the Charter President in the year 1998-99 under the Governorship of Ln.Dr.N.M.Vijayan. The other Region Chairpersons of this club were Ln.Manoj.K.Menon in the year 2006-07,  Ln.Sundaresan Menon MJF in the year 2007-08 and Ln.Sudheer Kumar MJF in the year 2009-10.

The club in its 20th year of existence had the privilege of extending four new clubs Lions Club of Kalladikode, Lions Club of Mannarkkad, lions Club of Palakkad Town and Lions Club of Thattamangalam.

Permanent Projects.

This club from the installation date has been carrying out so many Major Projects and to name few are the Fellowship Unit at Pallana Hospital, Palakkad.and the famous Sunday Charitable Clinic functioning at Peruvemba, which has brought this club lot of fame. We provide free medical check  up and medicines to the poor people in and around Peruvemba through this project. The well constructed waiting shed near Govt.Boys High School under the President ship of Lion Dr.K.Madhavanunni in the year 1998-99 was also another prestigious project of this club and also the Out Patients Observation Ward constructed at Govt. Hospital, Chittur was also a high light point of this club. Permanet EYE CAMP at Chittur on all 3rd sundays in association with Ahalya Eye Hospital is another project of our club were we give free eye screening and cateract surgeries.

This club had the privilege of purchasing a plot of its own at Pudunagaram under the president ship of Ln.Vijay.K.Menon in the year 2003-04.


The contribution to become the first Melvine Jones Fellow of this club came from Ln.Vijay.K.Menon and presently there are four more MJFs Ln.Sundaresan Menon, Ln.K.K.Praveen, Ln.Sudheer Kumar and Ln.T.P.Radha Krishnan.

Charter Members

The strength of this club at present is 35 with four charter members on its roll.  Ln.Adv.Jayakrishnan, Ln.K.Sathyadevan, Ln.K.Mohanan and Ln.S.Sukumar.



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