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In 2016 Chepstow and Caldicot Lions began a programme of funding for Public Access Defibrillators (PADs). Since then the club has assisted in the pruchase and installation of over 30 PADS for use inn the Chepstow and Caldicot area and some of the outlying rural villages. It is important to note that any further funding agreements with The British Heart Foundation have been suspended throughout the pandemic, and we await this opening back up again. Further information.


Message In a Bottle (MIAB)

This simple idea enables individuals to keep their personal and medical details in a common  location where emergency services and first responders can find them quickly - in the fridge. In 2021 this initiative was also opened up to Walking Football Clubs across the country and supported by the WFA. This month we're discussing further potential defibrillator sponsorship out in the community, so watch this space. Further information.


We collect spectacles from the public. These spectacles are recycled and distributed to children and adults in other countries who are in desparate need of spectacles. You will generally find a spectacles drop box in your local chemist or surgery. Throughout the pandemic we continued to support this project, but collection and onward distribution was suspended for health & Saftey and logistical reasons.Since then the collection of spectacles has ramped up significantly and indeed it looks like more and more people are indeed now recycling thier unwanted spectacles, which is great for the project. More information

Lions ROAR

Lions ROAR 2024 is a programme for Primary Schools designed to give a platform to young people to think big and positively change the world. After all, these children are the innovators and entrepreneurs of the future. 

Since its inception in 2016, some 100,000 children have taken part and they have generated hundreds of imaginative and brilliant ideas across multiple sectors, including, technology, health, environment and sustainability.

The programme is generously funded by local Lions Clubs to provide primary school children in the UK with future proof skills and imagination in line with the national curriculum and PSHE education. Inspiring children to think big and dream big.

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You've been flamingoed

This is a FUNdraising program operated in the Chepstow, Caldicot and surrounding areas by the Chepstow and Caldicot Lions. You can arrange a surprise flock of 30 Flamingos to flock to a friends garden to celebrate any occasion you wish. It might be their birthday, wedding anniversary, another special occasion or just to say thank you. Whatever it is for - it's a bit of fun. Imagine their surprise when they open the curtains in the morning and look out their window to see our flock of flamingos. Further information and to order your own surprise flocking

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