Lions Club of Bwaila President’s Message


Fellow Lions, thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity to serve you.  This Lionistic year will focus on membership growth and activities provided to the community. We will focus on projects that are relevant to the community we live in and are keeping with our mission of service. For those of you that attended the convention and heard Lion DG Dr P.T  Mapanda you will recall that he talked about growth so that our district does not go into status quo. In that same vain should be a focus on “plus one”.  Every member of our club should focus on introducing one member to the club. The selection should focus on quality and committed members. Committed members can only be obtained by them observing how we run our club. This brings us to certain key values that we will need to focus on, these are: timeliness, effectiveness, commitment and responsiveness. Timeliness starts with being on time for meetings and sticking to the agreed time in running our meetings. If we are able to do this then we can move to being effective and responsive to community needs in a timely function. Commitment will entail us realise once we volunteer to do something, be it a fundraising function, a community activity we need to see it through without being pushed by other members of the club. Let us build on the activities we started last year and move to improve and keep adding value.


Fellow Lions, leadership development will also be one area of focus during the Lionistic year. Leaders will be built within the club to take up roles of responsibility. Every human being has potential in them which needs to be explored and we will do this together. We will also together grow Leo clubs by mentoring those already in existence, chartering new ones and leading by example. Leos are the future of Lionism and if we do it right and catch them young we will have well groomed Lions that will raise the flag of Lions Club.


In keeping with the vision of the leadership of   the district, there is need to increase the number of women that join the club and are active. Our club is not doing badly on this but I can know we can do better and we will do it. 

May the Lord guide us during as we endeavour to implement exciting plans during the 2010-2011 Lionistic Year.

In Lionism

Lion Kate Musimwa

Bwaila Lions Club President (2010-2011)



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