MAY 4, 2011


20 members present


Speaker Ann ______________ of Del Val Eye Bank.

We presented her with a check for $200.00 and we did receive our $50.00 for calendars.


Cami Valente accepted to be chair of St. Lucy School committee.


Bruce needs transport to recycle depot.


Hobbie Horse (won at convention) and the doll will be raffled off at end of Summer picnic.


We received a letter from Penndel Mental Health requesting support for back to school backpacks. We will decide when we do our distribution in June, if we are able to provide monetary donation.


Anne Marie will have a link to our web site put on the center’s web site.


We agreed to break-up into committees for the first 45 minutes of each meeting, then gather to report on progress. Speakers will only be scheduled 3 or 4 times a year.


Applications were given out to new members.


Angela came to say goodbye and introduce us to Karen Manzo, who will take over picking-up the items we donate to Bucks Housing Family Resource Center.



BCABVI Lions Minutes

Wednesday June 1, 2011


Donation  to Delaware Valley Eye Bank for lifetime membership was made in the name of Paula McNally & Joan Miller. In future years,  our club’s other charter members will be named as lifetime members.




Beacon Lodge – Catherine Lyden

Camp Kirby – Brian Study

Fundraising – Bruce Platon, Paula McNally, Lottie Wajda, Catherine Lyden, Pat McTeigue

Leader Dogs – Pat Montgomery

Special Olympics – Joan Miller

Website – Linda LaCroix, Gaye Vile

Diabetes – Martha Marshaleck

Health & Wellness – Ginny Rapino

Membership – Mary McPeak

Convention – Catherine Lyden




Charitable Distributions


Camp Kirby ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________ $   200.00

Beacon Lodge ______________________  $   250.00

Leader Dogs ________________________  $   200.00

Special Olympics ___________________  $   150.00

Juvenile Diabetes ___________________ $   150.00

American Diabetes _________________   $     50.00

Del Val Eye Bank ____________________  $   200.00

BCABVI ­­­­­­­­­­­­______________________________  $  1500.00­­­



Sales of raffle tickets for the doll & hobbyhorse   Begin June 1, 2011

Drawing on August 30, 2011.

50 cents each or 3 for $1.00


Research continues on printing our own perforated raffle tickets for shopping spree fundraiser in fall.



BCABVI Lions Club Minutes

Wednesday, July 6 2011


Guests Charles Morton, his wife Anita, and Ken Moore gave a presentation on the Club Excellence Program (CEP). The purpose is to help us, help others, by evaluating the club strengths and setting goals.

Our club has yet to decide if we will schedule the training.


Maryann gave an overview of our clubs activities and we learned that some of our funds can be designated as White Cane and reported to the district.


Maryann is scheduling speakers for upcoming months –

August – John Doones from Bucks Housing

September – Gerry Towsend, District Governor

October – Sheryl Fitzgerald, social worker on the history of the white cane

Lottie presented Del Val Eye Bank lifetime membership to Paula and Joan.

New members: Judy Cooper, Gaye Vile, Cami Valente, & Brian Study received their pins.

Membership cards for 2011-2012 were given out.

Karen Manzo from Bucks Housing picked up the cleaning supplies donated by our club members, and gave a list of school supplies needed in August.

Members were reminded to sell raffle tickets and Hershey bars whenever they are at the center for a program.

Tickets for the November raffle should be ready by the August meeting.






Guest speakers John Doones and Karen Manzo explained the services that Bucks Housing provides to the homeless.


 They have 20 apartments to house, mainly mothers with children, as they transition from being homeless.  Most are referred by the Red Cross, there is usually a waiting list of 2 years.


Our donations help to support them during a one year period while they receive training for job placement.  


In the true spirit of Lionism Gaye Vile offered  to volunteer with Bucks Housing which was greatly appreciated by John and Karen.


BCABVI Lions were presented with a certificate of appreciation from Bucks Housing.


Special thanks to Maryann for her extra efforts in gathering an abundance of school supplies for our August donation. Toiletries & pantry items will be collected for September pick up by Bucks Housing.


Maryann presented flowers to Pat Zajac and Linda LaCroix in appreciation for their work on the website. And to Ginny for her birthday.


In honor of Frank Kolanko’s birthday, it was agreed to add his picture to our website, and place his pins on our club banner.


Members expressed interest in club tee shirts, Paula will get some info on how to order.























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