Buchans Lions 2015 Speak Out

Our participants in the Speak Out at Lakeside Academy

And the winner was Parker Glavine

Parker Glavine here with Lion Louis White

A Visit with Tom West

Back Row from Left to Right: Lions Keith Courage, Bruce Tilley, Don HIcks, John Budden, Hilda Budden, Louis White.  

Front Row from Left to Right: Lions Al Clarke, Ivan Hodder, Tom West, Hugh Wadden

Sing-a-long with Tom West


Peace Poster Contest

The poster that won overall is Hannah Newbury from Millertown, pictured here with Lion Louis White

Pictured above is Lion Louis White with the overall winner of the Peace Poster Contest Hannah Newbury from Millertown, NL


Pictured here with Lion Louis White is our overall winner Hannah Newbury from Millertown and the runner ups Mequila Lafitte, Noël Rowsell and missing from picture is Lindsey Quirk

Pictured here is Lion Louis White with Hannah Newbury and the runner ups were Mequila Lafitte, Noël Rowsell and missing from picture is Lindsey Quirk.

The particpants of the Peace Poster Contest sponsered by the Buchans Lions Club at Lakeside Academy, Buchans, NL

Pictured above are all the particpants in the Peace Poster Contest held at Lakeside Academy, Buchans, NL.

Lion Hugh Wadden and King Lion Bill Quinton at 2013 Buchans Lions Club Childrens Christmas Party & Santa Claus Parade

We are now currently planning and getting ready all the things needed for our Annual Buchans Lions Club Santa Claus Parade.  Always a great turn out of families and children, pictures to follow.  Here is a  couple of pictures from 2013's parade, as you can see fun is had by young & old.

Buchans Lions Club are selling tickets on this Buchans Shelf made by Doug Cooper with wood from the Oriental Bridge. The workmanship is incredible, beautiful, would make a welcome addition to any home. Tickets were $ 1.00 each and the winner of the Buchans Shelf was Brian Fifield of Buchans.

Winners of our Annual Speak OffThe Partipants who were all winners of Our Annual Speak Off 2014

Teri Powers

Congratulations to our 1st Place winner in the Buchans Lions Club Speak Off, Teri Powers ...she won 2nd Place in the Speak Off in Bishop Falls! Way to go Teri!

The Buchans Lions Club has now developed a Facebook page where members who are connected to social media can share photos and news with each other. Edye says she’s been putting out the message to anyone who wants to be sponsored into the club to get in touch and get an application to fill out.



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