Lions International District 306 A2
Lions International District 306 A2 was inaugurated in 2005, marking a significant milestone in Lionism. The district’s formation was under the exemplary leadership of Lion Rohantha de Fonseka MJF, who served as the First District Governor, and alongside him was the capable Vice District Governor, Lion Leelanada de Silva MJF, for the year 2005/2006. During that momentous time, District 306 A was administratively divided into two districts, 306 A1 and 306 A2, strategically allocating approximately 42 Lions Clubs with 1100 members to District 306 A2.

The geographical expanse of District 306 A2 was meticulously demarcated, commencing from the vibrant Colombo West city and extending gracefully along the Coastal Line, encompassing parts of Colombo District, Kalutara District, Galle District, Matara District, Hambantota District, Rathnapura District, and the entire Monaragala District, ultimately culminating at the picturesque Siyambalanduwa city.

Over the course of the last eighteen years, District 306 A2 has become a beacon of excellence and service in the international Lion community, garnering praise, and accolades at the esteemed Lions International Convention. In the transformative year 2005/2006, under the dynamic leadership of PDG Lion Rohantha de Fonseka MJF, the district proudly clinched the prestigious title of Best District 2nd Runners-up, a testament to the commitment and passion of its members.

Continuing its path of exceptional leadership and service, the district’s visionary leadership team, spearheaded by the remarkable PDG Kamal Senevirathne PMJF and Lady Lion Dilrusha Senevirathne, achieved further recognition in the year 2007/2008, securing the revered titles of Best District Governor 2nd Runners-up and Best Lion Lady 1st Runner-up, respectively.

As the present-day dawns, District 306 A2 thrives with unwavering dedication, standing strong with 107 Lions Clubs and boasting an impressive roster of over 2600 members. The district’s success story is enriched by the invaluable wisdom and guidance of a galaxy of past governors, who selflessly contribute their knowledge and experience for the betterment of future leaders.

To ensure the continuity of its legacy, District 306 A2 actively invests in the development of leaders through the esteemed Legalized District Lions Leadership Institute. The Institute is a nurturing ground for aspiring leaders, fostering a culture of growth, empowerment, and excellence within the Lion community.

Through the collective efforts of its dedicated members, the visionary leadership team, and the invaluable support of its esteemed advisors, District 306 A2 continues to make a profound impact on the lives of those it serves and remains an exemplar of Lionism’s noble ideals.


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