2024 Billerica Lions Club
Annual Calendar Raffle 

🌟 Let's celebrate all our lucky winners January 1st thru 31st 🌟 

​Jan 1:    Joan Thomas
Jan 2:    Bob Kinsmann
Jan 3:    Karisa Ajonet
Jan 4:    Bill Melendy
Jan 5:    Bob Brown
Jan 6:    Bob Kinsmann
Jan 7:    Mary Camilleri
Jan 8:    Linda Tessman
Jan 9:    Anthony Speziole
Jan 10:  Bob Colburn
Jan 11:  Joan DiOrio
Jan 12:  Anthony Speziole
Jan 13: John Cardarelli
Jan 14:  Al Autenzio
Jan 15:
 Patrick Theberge
Jan 16:  Patrick Theberge
Jan 17:  Mike Angers
Jan 18:  Jessica Bridle
Jan 19:  Karisa Ajonel
Jan 20 Orry Panaggio
Jan 21 Debra Antonuccio
Jan 22:  Carol McInnis                       
Jan 23:  Bob Peterson
Jan 24 Deb Martin
Jan 25:  Paul Kalinoski
Jan 26:  Susan Moreira
Jan 27:  Patrick Theberge
Jan 28:  Greg Moreira
Jan 29:  Donna Spaulding
Jan 30:  Linda Tessman
Jan 31:  Pamela Hammond

Congratulations to all the winners! 🎉 Stay tuned for our next fundraiser!

💰 You have 31 Chances to Win
A ticket is drawn daily and the winner will receive the prize of the day.
Note: Individual calendar ticket (by number) is automatically re-entered for subsequent daily drawings giving the ticket holder 31 individual chances to win!

Proceeds support our Billerica Lions Club Charities.

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