Lions Club Of Bangalore Elite is a Club of like-minded Lions who concentrate on service activities as per LCI and District 317A Guidelines. We have 2 flagship projects and 1 legacy project. Founded in 2015 we have 50 members on board with 20 existing charter members and 23 family members. Ours is a fully digital administration club and we do not print any documents and invitations for our actvities and administration requirements, incluidng communication with the District Office,

1. Feed The Needy

Contributions from members every month will go to a destitute home or orphanage and the inmates will be served sumptuous food by our lions themselves.

2. Education to the Poor

Contributions from members every month will be used to service education needs of a selected few poor students who do exceptionally well in their academics. We strive to bring such talent to the main stream

3. Lions Clock Tower

Upkeep of Lions Clock tower and Garden at Rajajinagar Entrance and moving ahead with Solarisation of the setup after setting up LED Display system with Air Quality Metrics Data

Contributions to District

Ours in the only club in the entire Mulitple 317A to sponsor 4 clubs in 2017-18

Lions Club of Bangalore Cauvery

Lions Club of Bangalore BGS

Lions Club of Hunsur Centennial Sambrama

Lions Club of Tumkur Amrutha

We are the first club to dedicate a campus lions club in 2018-19

Lions Club Of Bangalore Vidhyarthi Campus

We have dedicate new Leo club in 2018-19

Leo Club of Bangalore Elite

We have dedicated our second Campus club and 2 speciality clubs in 2019-20

Lions Club of Bangalore AHL Campus

Lions Club of Bengaluru Anukampa

Lions Club of Bengaluru Chaitanya

All Clubs are in good-standing

We strive to maintain utmost transparency in our accounts and always maintain a healthy competition to be counted as one of the best maintained clubs administratively.



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