For the fiscal year 2017/2018 the club sort to revitalise the way meeting are conducted. This was the brain child of the current President Candice Campbell as is ably executed by the Tamer Grace  Charles - Spencer and her meeting programming Committee and the Team Leaders.

Under Lions Grace's leadership meetings are conducted under a particular theme. This theme is then used to allow members to be creative in they way they dress for the meeting, the special activity conducted at the meeting and even the occassional refreshment that is served at the meeting... 

One of the most enjoyed meetings thus far was the one held on 17th February 2018 which had the theme "Time for Love". For this meeting members were encouraged to dress in the love colours of red and pink --  and boy did they look splendid in those colours. At the meeting those present also exchanged love tokens ..... The atmosphere truly was one of love.

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