ESTB. APRIL13, 1994 

                  IN A WORLD OF SERVICE

                          FROM THE DESK OF OUR PRESIDENT 

 "जब हौसला बना लिया ऊंची उडान का

                                 फिर देखना क्या कद आसमान का"


Lions Club, Aligarh, Jagriti is a twenty year old organization, under the agies of Lions Club International. I would like to extend my gratitude and promise, that I will do my level best to do for the club's goodwill and archive new heights with Lions Club Aligarh, Jagriti. As the president of the club I welcome you all to the e-clubhouse where you can find all the latest news and the stories of the Lions Club, Aligarh, Jagriti. 

                                                                                                  Ln. Meenakshi Jain 





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