Worthington Libraries Summer Reading Program   

                                           May - August

        It celebrates reading and its importance in children and families lives.                                                               

            They have programs for young and school age children.

           Join in and pick books that take you on adventures this summer!



Worthington Noon Lions Love to Share the Gift of Reading


The Worthington Noon Lions (WNL) have been part of the Worthington Community for 45 plus years. We are a chapter of Lions Club International (LCI).  LCI started in 1917 in Oakbrook, IL. Today there are over 1.4 million members in over 200 countries with a total of 46,000 clubs.  LCI is an international, secular, non-political service organization. LCI has five main focuses: Vision, Pediatric Cancer, Hunger Relief, Environment and Diabetes.

The Four Centennial Service Challenge areas are Hunger, Youth, Vision ad Environment. The Worthington Libraries Summer Reading Program is our Centennial Service Project which leaves a Living Legacy to our children. The sponsorship gives children a foundation in reading that will help them learn, grow and succeed. Being able to read is empowering and builds confidence.

We are proud to be a sponsor of the Worthington Libraries Summer Reading Program. WNL has been the sole supporter of the Daycare, Preschool and Head Start Summer Outreach Reading Program since 2014. In 2017, 1,215 books were received by this program’s children.

Our donations from people throughout the Community assists us to support reading. Thank you to those who have supported the WNL.

Worthington has many opportunities, to be of service and hands on service, that all positively affect the people of our community.


“The more you read,

the more you know.

The more you know,

the smarter you grow.

The smarter you grow,

the stronger your voice,

when speaking your mind

or making your choice.”

(National Library Week Poem)


The Lions  Motto is “We Serve.”


Lions Clubs International Global Causes

Every journey begins with a single step. One act of service, one encouraging word, one gift of generosity is often all it takes to bring hope where it’s needed most.

Over the last 100 years, the kindness of Lions and Leos has multiplied across borders, oceans, and continents. With over 1.4 million members, we now have an opportunity to truly change our world.

That’s why we’re uniting our global service around five areas of need. These Global Causes present significant challenges to humanity, and we believe it’s our turn to meet them.


Diabetes                                Vision

Hunger                        Environment

Childhood Cancer



Some Eyeglass Box Donation Locations within the Community...

Old Worthington Library

Northwest Library

Griswold Center

City Hall

Police Station


We Accept...

Glasses/Sun Glasses

Hearing Aides

Hats (good condition)


Unopened Contacts



These Students sort, measure and package your eyeglass, etc. donations to take on a yearly mission somewhere in the world. They are also used for Ohioans.



Neighborhood Bridges - Ray Lees (Worthington)


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Brookdale Trillium

3500 Trillium Crossing

Columbus, OH 43235

This is located near the corner of 161 and Sawmill. While this is technically Dublin, we're still the Worthington Noon Lions.

Directions to our meeting room: Come in the main entrance, go past the information desk, take the first hallway to your LEFT. Walk down that hallway a bit. We're in the 2nd room on the Right. There's typically a sign advertising Bingo nights outside our room. 

Come on in and introduce yourself. Hope to see you there!


Future Meeting Topics

Kemper House on site, Building A - Brain Health Exercise Equipment- July 9

Summer Luau Meeting - at Brookdale Trillium - July 23 

Camp Echoing Hills - Lauren Unger, Camp Director - August 13

Honor Flight Coordinator - Greg Woerth -  August 27



Highbanks Metro Park - Suzan Jervey - Park Naturalist 

National Veteran's Memorial and Museum visit - May 28

 Assisting in Parking at the OSU home games - Starts in September

 Football Pool Booklets for OSU Games ($30) - Starts in August

(All monies raised go to the Worthington Resource Pantry and The 2020 Worthington Libraries Summer Outreach Reading Program...You are assisting the WNL and the community to support these programs. Thank You.) 



Volunteer Recognition Night at the School Board Building -                                May 13, 2019                         

One volunteer is chosen from each school to represent all the volunteers. We appreciate all that the school volunteers do and accomplish each year. Worthington Schools would not be the strong school system they are today without volunteers.


A January Meeting at the Celebration for MLK Jr in Worthington


Ronald McDonald House - Cook, Serve and Tour                       



Assist at the Worthington Resource Pantry

Max and Erma's Fundraiser - 2nd Wednesday of the Month

WNL Gathering

Service Projects- small and large


We also work with other local Lions Clubs on their Service Projects.


WNL is the Sole Supporter of the Outreach Summer Reading Program at the Worthington Libraries that reaches community daycares and head start programs. We donate 1,200 plus books for children who complete this Program


Various Charities

Worthington Resource Pantry

Worthington Libraries


Central Ohio Lions Eye Bank

Pilot Dogs

Lion Clyde Tipton, a Tri-Village Lion, proposed at a State Convention in the 1960s that the Pilot Dog Organization be adopted by the Lions as a philanthropy. The Oho Lions Clubs have had a close relationship with Pilot Dogs for 55+ years.



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Lions Clubs International is the world's largest service club organization with more than 1.4 million members in approximately 46,000 clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas around the world.

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