Wollongong Lions Club was chartered in 1957.
The Club still has one charter member.

There are currently 32 members in the club. The club has shown a significant increase in membership of all ages and gender over the past 6 months with an increase from 21 to the 32 members and more are in the process of joining. Two are to be inducted in December

This page is still a work in process. Until it is finally updated here are some photos of some of our activities

Major Activity - Driver Reviver

One of the clubs major activities is the Driver Reviver project. The club runs this with the assistance of our Lioness club and a few volunteers.
The project operates every long weekend and each weekend in January.

Police visit Driver Reviver site while Lioness Club operating site.

Club assists the blind.

The Lions Club in June donated a barcode reading m/c called the ID Mate Omni. The machine has an on board database of over 1 million barcodes, which are on virtually every product sold in stores today.
When the barcode is read by the m/c it tells the owner what the item is and in some cases provides additional information such as on CDs what the tracks are.
The reader cost the club $1,500 which was seen as a small amount of money considering the benefit it gives the blind user

 Joe demondtrating the ID Mate Omni barcode machine    

Joe demonstrating the ID Mate Omni barcode reading m/c at the District Governors visit with the assistance of Lion Peter Joe showing the m/c operating at his home



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