Club Membership

Currently (April 2019)
20 members:  17 Active, 3 At large,  0 Lifetime Members

Membership Categories Defined

Active:  A member entitled to all rights and privileges and subject to all obligations which membership in a Lions Club confers or implies.

Member-at-Large: A member of the club who has moved from the community and desires to retain membership in the club.

Associate: A member who holds his primary membership in another Lions club, but has a residence or is employed in the conferring club’s community.

Affiliate: A member who is not able to fully participate as an active member of the club, but desires to support the club and its community services.


Active members: $200.00 annually, payable in $50.00 increments on the 1st of September, January, April,. & July.

This includes International & District dues, cost of meals, fees for special or social events and the annual Zone 4-A Social.

All other members: $60.00 annually. This includes International & District dues. When able to attend a dinner meeting or social event, the member is required to pay the per-person charge.
(Currently $9.00 for regular dinner meetings.)

The club cook caters regular dinner meetings.


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