Date: Thursday, January 24th, 2019

Time: 6:25pm

Location: Orchard Hills Golf Club


Attendees: Steve Komlofske, Ann Stevens, Barb Sullivan, Barb Carpenter, Tom Sullivan, Chuck Carpenter


Guests: N/A


Call to order: Ann Stevens @ 6:25pm


Happy Bucks: Barb Carpenter - Collected $7.00


Minutes: Approved from January 10th


Treasurer report

  • Sue will be acting treasurer through June

  • Club balance $1,000.00

  • Foundation balance $3, 629.34

  • Second half of dues needs to paid - $333.00

  • Ann Stevens and Sue Semke-Fox are signers on the account

  • Melvin Jones contribution - Here’s what I can find as of Nov 2018


  •  WAHKIAKUM L C (7916) Unnamed $107.00

  •  WASHOUGAL (7917) Jackie J. MacArthur (4075783) $500.00 Unnamed $1,510.00

  •  WHITE SALMON (39138) Unnamed $10.00   


  • January 31st

  • Location - Orchard Hills

  • Sue & Renae are chairs

  • Limited food choices to make the evening smoother

  • Share on social media and please come have fun

  • If you have any items you would like to donate for prizes, bring them

  • Need prizes for kids

  • Sue will arrive at 4:30pm to set up

Geranium sales

  • JMS Spring plant sale and bazaar is Saturday April 27th

  • Camas plant sale is the Saturday before Mother’s day

  • If you are interested in helping, please let Sue know

Red Robin

  • Feb 7th 4:00-8:00pm

  • Please share on social media and plan on coming to enjoy a burger

  • 20% donated to Lions

  • Must be mentioned or show the flyer for us to receive the donation

White Canes

  • Barb Sullivan will connect with Bi-Mart in early March

  • Chuck, Tom, Barb Sullivan, Barb Carpenter, Steve and most likely Gene will be on the committee

  • They discussed putting a letter to the editor in the post record a week before the event

Backpack program

  • Plenty of food currently

  • Please bring food or money to the Sullivans each meeting

Monthly birthdays

  • Barb Carpenter will chair

  • Members decided not to have cupcakes or treats, just to recognize birthdays

  • Barb will put together a list of birthdays

  • Ann will get the list she has to Barb

Refuel Washougal

  • Ann talked a little about what we do

  • Ann will send out a 2019 schedule

  • We need to pick a date that we would like to do a meal

Drug takeback

  • Saturday April 27th 10:00-2:00 Need volunteers- let Ann know if interested


Washougal school employee appreciation (teachers and classified)

  • The Sullivan’s will take Gause

  • The Carpenters will take Hathaway

August float/lemonade stand at Art Festival: Chuck will look into and let us know - There is limited room


Camas Days parade: Members voted NO


*Ann passed out flyers for the Lions learning forum. It is a fun learning experience. Please attend if available Saturday March 2nd 9:00-3:30 Free!


Volunteer bank: Tabled


Future family bunco night: Tabled


Speakers: Director of Humane Society - Ann will reach out to her


Card Draw: Steve won, but did not win the pot Collected $16.00, $356.00 in the pot


*We discussed how we may be able to help Federal workers that are out of work


Next Board will be in March - No February meeting


Next regular meeting is February 14th


Adjourned: 7:15pm

Date: 1/10/19

Time: 6:30pm

Location: Orchard Hills Golf Club


Attendees: Ann Stevens, Sue Semke-Fox, John Woolley, Nancy Wilson, Gene Cox, Steve Komlofske, Margaret McCarthy


Happy Bucks: Nancy Wilson collected $13.00


Guests: AJ Bogue


Pledge: N/A


Treasurer report

  • Ann will remove Chuck from LCI as treasurer and add Sue, so she will receive treasury information.

  • Ann will look into Melvin Jones how much do we have in the account. Look online or call

  • Sue will be acting as Treasurer until new officers in June

  • Club balance $990.46

  • Foundation balance $3, 671.00



  • Red Robin

  • Please share the email Ann sent you, come to dinner, share on social media

  • Walk n Knock: get connected online - Nancy



  • January 31st

  • Small menu choices

  • Making a few changes to make the night go smoother



  • Come check out how a meal is served

  • Chose a date to host a meal this year


August float/lemonade stand at WACA Art festival

  • Lots of ideas went around as to what we can do. Ice Cream, sandwiches, tea

  • Sue will speak with Chuck regarding rules on food


Future Family Bunco Night

  • Location at the high school or Jemtegaard

  • Pizza, salad and dessert buffet

  • Friday or Saturday


Camas Days Parade

  • Who wants to walk in this years parade?

  • Possibly walk with Camas Lions or high school students

  • How about the gold international Lions vests

  • Maybe all the same color


Volunteer bank

  • Create a list of names of community members and high school students interested in volunteering on our projects


Speaker: AJ Bogue (Downtown Washougal Association, Refuel, caterer)

  • Spoke about who he is and how the organizations are ran


Card draw

  • $340.00 in pot

  • Steve won the raffle

  • He did not choose the winning card


Adjournment: 7:35pm

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