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 PO Box 541, Washington, PA 15301

The club was chartered 1927, and sponsored by the downtown Pittsburgh Lions Club. There were only three Lions clubs in existence in Western Pennsylvania then, Pittsburgh, Donora and McKeesport.  

Chartered  August 10, 1927


                          Club Motto:  Honesty, Integrity, Charity                                    

Multiple District 14

                 Meet the 2nd and 4th Wednesday  6 pm                      

Ramada Inn

West Chestnut St

Upcoming Meetings and Events:  

Wednesday, Sept. 12, 2018 @ Ramada Inn 6 PM

We will be presenting a check to Pony Baseball in memory of John Duskey at Sept 12th meeting.

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2018 @ Ramada Inn 6 PM

Calling committee please call Sue McNally Monday by noon for reservations 724-554-1673

Hello Lions,

I know it’s not possible to make every meeting but your input is important to the success of the club. I will be sending emails before each meeting to advise you on what we will be discussing at our next meeting . If you know someone who would like to be a speaker or you would to like know what is happening at meetings that you can’t attend send me your email address.

King Lion Jerry


* Donations,: Two eye surgery kits donated to recipient, to perform surgery at Dr. Salvetti

* Repair of down spout at the pavilion completed by PK Remodeling. $200

Fund raisers:

* Hans Papenbrock presented the 2018 nut sale process. A document was passed out to present members on the management and time table. Hans was looking for volunteers to sell nuts to not assigned customers. A master list will be sent to all members to select customers. They can then volunteer to sell to existing and new customers. The procedure will also be mailed again to all members. The nut sale is our major contributor in support of our next year budget.

* A separate e-mail will go to all members, so they can volunteer to sell nuts

* Dec. 12: 6pm, Christmas dinner, Ramada Inn.

New Washington Centenial Lions Club begins operation.

A new Lions Club was started in the City of Washingon this past month with twenty charter members.  The Club has elected offiers and meets a the Union Grill at noon on the first and third Wednesday of each month.  The other Club in the city, the Washngton Lions Club, meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays at 6 pm at the Ramada Inn is sponsoring the new Club.  More informtion will be forthcoming. 


Lions Projects

  Toaster Tongs: Call Lion Shearer for details

                  Brooms. Available @ Wash.-Greene Blind Association , Dependable Electric,  & Judson Wiley

                  Garbage Bags:  large & kitchen bags Dependable Electric, Ridge Ave.

            Eye  glasses Recycling Program Give your used glasses to Lion Marano or drop off at Wash. Greene Blind Association,

               RADA Knives-Call Lion Carol Borderick for details

Check out the Washington Lions Club website:

Anyone wanting something in the newsletter please contact Lion Bill B. or Lion Mary Jo (email

If you would like to read what is going on in District 14M go to:


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What We Do


Fund Raising:  100% of funds raised goes to Charity

  • Selling Lions Brooms at West Washington Hardware
  • Selling garbage bags at Dependable Electric 
  • Selling Lions Toaster tongs
  • Lemonade stand at Summer Farmers Market
  • Selling Koeze's Nut products at Christmas

Service and Fun Activity

  • Award $1000 scholarships to three local high school graduates
  • Support the Pony Baseball
  • Sell concessions for Pony Baseball at the  Lion John Duskey Concession Stand at the Pony World Series
  • Sponsor 3 campers each year to Beacon Lodge
  • Donate to 2000 Turkey Fund
  • Maintain the Lions Pavilion at Washington Park
  • Give 4 awards to Washington Park School
  • Support the City Mission
  • Support Boy Scouts
  • Support Teen Challenge
  • Support Pittsburgh Childrens Hospital
  • Support Leader Dog and Puppy Dog Programs
  • Support Washington County Community Foundation
  • Donate to eye, cure for cancer, hearing and diabetes research
  • Collected 25359 used glasses since 2004 and sent them for repair and reuse.


What all Lions DO

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In 1925, Helen Keller challenged Lions to become "knights of the blind in the crusade against darkness." And we accepted. Today, sight programs remain one of our defining cause








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