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The Union City Lions Club got the month of March underway with a Blood Draw on March 5th and a regular meeting on Tuesday, March 13th.  The first regular meeting of March started with a meal prepared by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.  It featured a delicious pulled pork sandwich that was smoked by Lion Joe Wyant.  (GREAT job Joe, it was spectacular!)  The program for the evening was given by Lion President Blake Clevenger.  Blake is one of the coaches of the Union City High School Science Olympiad Team.  He had a few team members with him as they talked about their experience at Butler University in February and showed the Lions Club members some of the things they built for the competition.  A Science Olympiad competition involves 23 events where students study a topic and take a test, build a device and test it at home then compete with it at the competition, or build a device at home and take it to the competition to use it in an event.  The Union City team placed in two events at Butler.  They placed 5th in Mission Possible (they had to build a Rube Goldberg device within certain parameters), and 5th in Mousetrap Car where they had to make a mousetrap powered car that went forward and then backward specific distances.  Blake, assistant coach Kirk Schilling, and four of the 2018 team members gave a good presentation and answered questions for the club members.

Pictured are Science Olympiad Coach Blake Clevenger, Christina Sowinski, Shelby King, Antonio Jasso, Assistance Coach Kirk Schilling, and Paul Bailey.  Members not able to attend the meeting were, Sylairs Denney, Dylan McClure, Parker Kerns, Piter Sicolela da Silva, Keaton Collins, and Hunter Reagan.

Congratulation to Union City Lion Larry Applegate.  Larry received an Award of Honor from the Randolph County Farmers Achievement Banquet.  The plaque reads, "In Recognition of Outstanding Service, Leadership, and Cooperation In Your Community  To Larry Applegate  Award of Honor  Randolph County Farmers Achievement Banquet, March 7, 2018"




The Union City Lions Club held its regular meeting on February 27th in the UC Community Room.  The evening started with a delicious meal prepared and served by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.  The program was presented by Teresa Hampshire, manager of the Union City Help Center.  The help center was started in 1986 by two Union City churches, the 1st Christina Church and the Trinity Lutheran Church.  The help center has a large selection of clothing for sale to the public.  There are also dishes, pots and pans, bedding, jewelry, books, and many other household items for sale.  There is also a food pantry that assists individuals in providing food for their family.  The UC Help Center counts on donations to keep their store full of items to help the people in Union City.  They also help fire victims and people in homeless situations.  Every year at Christmas time the help center makes Christmas Baskets to help families to prepare a Christmas meal.  This past Christmas the help center put together 130 baskets for people in Union City.  Thank you to the staff and many volunteers that make this business a vital part of our community.  The Union City Help Center is always in need of volunteer help.  If you are interested in volunteering please call 765-964-4475.

Pictured are Union City Help Center manager, Teresa Hampshire, and UC Lion program chairman, Jack Anderson


The Union City Lions Club held its 1st meeting for the month of February on Tuesday the 13th at the Community Room in Union City.  The evening started with a meal prepared by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis. The program for the evening was presented by Jane Bloom and Beverly Chenoweth from the New Lisbon Christian Church.  The ladies told us about a mentoring program their church is involved in.  Kids Hope USA is a national program that matches adult mentors with elementary age students.  Each mentor promises one hour/week to meet with an elementary student.  They spend the hour talking, working, and playing games.  New Lisbon Christian Church started their association with this program a few years ago and has between 12 and 22 mentors each year that meet with North Side Elementary students here in Union City.  The initial cost of joining the program was a donation from an individual here in Randolph County.  Jane and Bev both expressed that the benefit for the kids is great and the return for the mentors is also good.  Mentors must be from the New Lisbon Church,  but the church is open to partnering with another church to expand the program for North Side.

Pictured are Jane Bloom, Beverly Chenoweth,

and Lion Sam Davenport


The Union City Lions Club held its second meeting of 2018 on Tuesday, January 23rd.  The meeting started with a delicious meal prepared by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.  Our guest was the manager of the Randolph County Airport, Mr. Eric Livingston.  Eric answered questions about the Randolph County Airport Fly-In Breakfast in June.  The Fly-In Breakfast is well known and has been a yearly event for 68 years, one of the oldest fly-in breakfasts around.  The Union City Lions have decided to partner with the airport to help cook and serve breakfast.  This year's Fly-In Breakfast will be held on Saturday, June 9th and the menu will include sausage, eggs, toast, coffee, and juice.  The event is open to the public and will offer airplane rides and a chance to see many types of airplanes.

Pictured are Randolph County Airport Manager, Eric Livingston and Union City Lion Secretary, Owen Griffith.


The Union City Lions Club met for the first time in 2018.  Our January 9th meeting was held at the Union City Community Room and started with a beef stew meal prepared by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.  The program for the evening was presented by Mr. Fred Elliott, a teacher at Union City Jr/Sr High School.  Fred has started an archery team at school and explained to the club how it got started, how many students are involved, and what the needs of the team are.  The team competes in competitions affiliated with the National Archery in Schools Program.  They compete at schools in our area a few times through the winter.  They also participate in a competition that can qualify the team or individuals for the state tournament.  Fred brought three of the team members who also spoke about their experiences with the team.  The three members who helped with the presentation were Katie Reichard, Ian Glunt, and Katie Elliott.  The group was started with grant money and they are in need of more equipment to continue with the 16 students they have at this time and to continue to grow the program.  Thanks to this group for a great program.

Pictured are Union City Jr/Sr High School Archery Team Members Katie Elliott, Katie Reichard, Ian Glunt, and team Coach Fred Elliott.


On Tuesday, Dec. 12, 2017, the Union City Lions Club celebrated Christmas with their winter Ladies Night.  The Lion's members and their guests enjoyed an evening that included a delicious meal prepared by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis, and entertainment provided by the Unioin City Jr/Sr High School Chorus under the direction of Fred Elliott.  The High School Chorus sang a few Christmas songs and then the Jr High Chorus took their turn with some selections appropriate for the season.  Both groups then combined for a song.  The students did a wonderful job and the music was enjoyed by all.  The next Union City Lions Club meeting will be on Jan 9, 2018.




The Union City Lions Club held its second meeting in November on Tuesday evening the 28th.  A delicious meal was served by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.  The program for the evening was presented by Chris Shaneyfelt.  Chris oversees the Randolph County Emergency Management Office and the Randolph County 911 Call Center.  The 911 Call Center employs 13 people and is the communication center for all emergency calls in Randolph County.  Chris shared that the average time for a 911 call is about 90 seconds from call to dispatch.  The Office of Emergency Management deals with disasters, tracks hazardous materials, and works with weather-related events.  Chris also talked about winter preparedness and the county's travel level status plan.  Chris shared that the county is working to become a Weather-Ready County.  Anyone interested in getting weather warnings as they happen should have an app called 'Code Red' on their device.  You can follow the Randolph County Office of Emergency Management on Facebook and Twitter for more information.

Pictured are Chris Shaneyfelt and

Lion program chairman, Doug LeMaster


The Union City Lions Club held its first regular meeting of November on Tuesday, November 14th.  The members present enjoyed a meal prepared by Vicky Vinson and Allan Jefferis.  The program for the evening was presented by Ted Martin from Winchester.  Ted brought his extensive collection of Indian Artifacts and talked about how they were made, what they were used for, and where he found some of them.  The artifacts were either found by him, purchased by him, or traded for.  Ted's collection includes many arrowheads, spearheads, knives, knife blades, and tools.  Ted also told us how to tell a real artifact from a recently made fake.  The Union City Lions were happy to welcome Ted, a member of the Winchester Lions Club to our meeting.  Thank you for a very interesting and informative program.

Pictured are UC Lion program chairman,

David Lenkensdofer and Ted Martin.

Congratulations to Union City Lion Ed Raszkowski.  Lion Ed received a Lions Centennial Pin for bringing in a new member during the Lion Centennial Year Celebration.  Ed is the Union City Lions Club's Membership Chairman.

President Blake Clevenger presenting the Lion Centennial

Pin to Union City Lion, Ed Raszkowski.


2017 Halloween Parade  10/28/17

More Halloween Parade pictures on this site and on Facebook.

(Union City Lions Club)

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The Union City Lions Club heard from the Union City HS Boys Basketball Coach, Bruce Davison.  Coach Davison will be in his 1st season as the head coach of the Indians and he spoke about the upcoming season and some of his philosophy of coaching.  The team graduated about half of the offensive production from last year but has some starters back to build around for the 2017-18 season.  Coach Davison knows that coaches often have a big influence on their players, and hopes to not only teach his players basketball but also life skills beyond the game.  He believes that "disciplined people succeed" and feels self-control and accountability are important skills for his players to possess.  The evening started, as usual, with a delicious meal served by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.

Pictured are Union City Indians Coach Bruce Davison and Lions Program Chairman, Ed Raszkowski


Union City HS grad, Brian Merrill, is the new Director of KISS TV at Union City HS. Brian spoke to the Union CIty Lions at the Oct. 10 meeting and discussed his plans to revive the KISS TV student-run station along with his ideas which include internet broadcasting, local programs, sporting events, and other community activities.  Brian brings a wealth of experience to UCHS including radio announcing, high school teaching, marketing, and Television Production.  23 Lions were in attendance and were provided a great meal served by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.  President of the UC Lions is Blake Clevenger.
Anyone interested in becoming a UC Lion can contact any member. Our Motto is "WE SERVE".
Mr. Brian Merrill.  Director of KISS TV at Union City Jr/SrHigh School.


The Union City Lions met on September 26, 2017, at the Union City Community Room.  23 Lions and two guests enjoyed the beef stew meal and the program presented by Scottie Harvey, Randolph County Convention and Tourism Bureau Director.  Scottie updated the club on some events that are coming up in the next year.  Both Randolph County, and the city of Winchester, will be celebrating their 200th birthday in 2018.  They have events planned every month but there are three BIG events.  On Jan. 6 there will be a Gala at the Community Center in Winchester.  May 19th brings an Ice Cream Social and a Birthday Party.  And on August 18th and 19th There will be activities at Goodrich Park in Winchester.  Scottie also talked about the Randolph County Events Calendar for 2018.  She is looking for old pictures from around Randolph County.

Pictured are UC Lions President, Blake Clevenger, Randolph County Tourism Director, Scottie Harvey, and Lions Program Chairman Tim Green.


The Union City Lions Club had the 1st meeting of our new year on Tuesday, Sept. 12th.  The 23 members and two guests enjoyed the meal prepared by Vicky Vinson and Allen Jefferis.  The program for the evening was Union City Lady Indians Basketball Coach Sarah Black.  Coach Back talked about the Lady Indians run through the 2017 State Basketball Tournament last Spring.  The season culminated at Banker's LIfe Fieldhouse and a state championship game against Wood Memorial.  Union City became the 1st girls basketball team from Randolph County to play for a state title.  Even though the Lady Indians came up short during that game, the school and the community are very proud of their accomplishments.  Congratulations to The Union City Lady Indians for a great 2016-17 season.

Pictured are Gary Miller, Lions Progam Chairman, Coach Sarah Black, and UCJSHS Principal Aaron Black

Perfect Attendance

Eleven Lions were recognized for having perfect attendance for the 2016-17 Lions year.

Front Row: Mick Carpenter and Jack Anderson

Back Row: Hoddy Speight, Ed Speight, Larry Amspaugh, Doug LeMaster, Blake Clevenger, and Kevin Lehman

Not Pictured: Dan Green, Ed Raszkowski, David Lenkensdofer, and Kenny Ayers


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