Thomasville Lions Club

Chartered October 3, 1938, the Thomasville Lions Club has been a leader in service in the community and state for many years.  The club has provided numerous eye exams and glasses, provided hearing aids, and screened school children for visual acuity and supported youth sports for over 50 years.  Camp Dogwood and the VIP Fishing Tournament are favorites of local VIPs and the club ensures that every local VIP has an opportunity to attend.

The club membership has been as high as 117.  Deceased member Harold Harrison leads Key Awards with more than 50 sponsored members.  He is followed by PDG David Smoot with 52.  Deceased Lion Bob Reed, son of Charter President C. R. Reed, has received a 63 year perfect attendance pin.

As a leader in the state Thomasville Lions have donated in excess of $150,000.00 to White Cane (now called Brighter Visions) since 1999.  The club has provided leadership with three District Governors: Bennie Pugh 1987-1988, S. Aldeen Robbins 1988-1989, and David Smoot 1997-1998.  PDGs Pugh and Smoot have served as President of NCLF.

The club sponsored a LEO club at Thomasville High School in 1995.  Members attend Camp Dogwood annually and work prior to opening for campers, and have done so for 10 years.  In 1998 LEO Terry Everhart was named a Lions International LEO of the Year.

The club has received many awards including Best All Around (4), Most VIP Visits (6), and Bulletin (3).  The club received awards for donating over $30,000 for Campaign Sight First.  PDG Bennie Pugh has been awarded 3 International President’s Awards.  PDG David Smoot has received the LCI Leadership Medal and two Jack Stickley Awards, and there have been more than 26 International Certificates of Appreciation awarded over the years.

Lion Honorariums presented are 40 Melvin Jones Fellows and 2 progressive, 20 Jack Stickley Fellows and 1 progressive, 14 Woolard Partners, 1 Scruggs Fellowship, and 1 VIP Ambassador.

The club has a history of welcoming minorities and women into the group.  The first African-American joined in 1982 and the first woman in 1991.  Members’ ages range from early twenties to the nineties.  The Club maintains a close relationship with the Thomasville community, its residents and businesses.



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