In October 1991, The International Board of Directors of Lions Clubs International completed an extensive study of the purposes, growth, development and future of the Lioness Club Programme.  They became convinced that the future of Lionism could become greater and stronger if both adult arms were united as Lions under the banner of Lions Clubs International.

Consequently, the then International President addressed all Presidents of Lioness Clubs worldwide expressing the desire that all Lionesses should either join an existing chartered Lions club or take the necessary steps to form their own Lions Club.  Since membership in any Lions club is by invitation only, a directive was given by him to all Lions clubs to welcome any Llionesses who wished to join them.

The third option given, afforded Lioness clubs that wished to continue, to do so under proper authorization from Lions Clubs International.  However, it would have to be borne in mind that from June 1992 the administrative services provided by International to Lioness clubs would be discontinued and a conditional license would be available for the use of the Lioness name.

At that time the Lioness Club of Bridgetown preferred Lions’ status, and since it had a membership of over 50 the option to form a new club was chosen.  Thus came the demise of the Lioness Club of Bridgetown after fifteen years of community service, and the chartering of the Lions Club of St. Michael on June 23, 1992.

There was a membership of twenty-eight – all females.  This decrease was occasioned since some Lionesses left the movement while some joined other Lions Clubs.  The Club was sponsored by the Lions Club of Bridgetown.  Our Charter President was Lion Cheryl Hinds and our guiding Lion, Past District Governor Lion Clyde Field, both now deceaded.  The Lions Club of St. Michael was the 7th Club to be chartered in Barbados.

Over the years the Club has done well in serving in its assigned area by performing well in various categories as directed by the International Presidents and District Governors.  For these activities it has been the recipient of many awards at Zone, Region and District level.

The Club now has a membership of Forty (40): thirty nine (39) active and one (1) privilege. 


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