Past Presidents of the St Jacobs Lions Club
William J. Codie 53-54 Marvin Smith 54-55
Donald Young 55-56 Stewart Derbecker 56-57
Walter Martin 57-58 Allan House 59-59
John Tindall 59-60 Arthur Miller 60-61
Erik Merkel 61-62 Ken Fischer 62-63
Howard Zeigler 63-64 Peter Ritter 64-65
Walter Geisel 65-66 Stewart Derbecker 66-67
Howard Zeigler 67-68 Ross Wright 68-69
George Ritter 69-70 Conley Amos 70-71
Grant MacPherson 71-72 Ken Sittler 72-73
Floyd Schmidt 73-74 Doug Wagner 74-75
Harold Geisel 75-76 Lorne Heller 76-77
Ken Jacklin 77-78 Lincoln Good 78-79
Ross Ruppel 79-80 Don Derbecker 80-81
Tim Cronin 81-82 John Monk 82-83
Murray Aberlie 83-84 Donald Barr 84-85
Ray Gilles 85-86 Henry Gilles 86-87
Ross Mohr 87-88 Harry Kretschmann 88-89
Juergen Lamers 89-90 Murray Aberlie 90-91
Wes Gaidomovicz 91-92 Bill Runke 92-93
Ross Mohr 93-94 Erik Westermann 94-95
Rick Merkel 95-96 Ross Ruppel 96-97
Neil McTavish 97-98 Bill Cummings 98-99
Bill Runke 99-00 Juergen Lamers 00-01
Bill Runke 01-02 Neil McTavish 01-03
Ron Ross 03-04 Mike Leacy 04-05
Mike Leacy 05-06 Harold Geisel 06-07
Dennis Lougheed 07-08 Ross Ruppel 08-09
Bruce Schweitzer 09-10 Dirk Van Der Gulik 10-11
Dennis Lougheed 11-12 Mike Leacy 12-13
Bruce Schweitzer 13-14 Mike Leacy 14-15
Karen Cronin 15-16 Mike Leacy 16-17


The Melvin Jones Fellows

The Melvin Jones Fellowship is recognition of a commitment to humanitarian work given to individuals. The fellowship is the foundation's highest honor and represents humanitarian qualities such as generosity, compassion, and concern for the less fortunate.
Donald Derbecker Stewart Derbecker
Mahlon Snyder John Tindall
Dr. Donald Young Lorner Heller
George Ritter Juergen (John) Lamers
Ross Ruppel Harold Geisel
Murray Aberle Dennis Lougheed
Bill Cummings Bruce Schweitzer


The Helen Keller Recipients
Wesley Gaidomovicz Juergen (John) Lamers
Heather Ross Bruce Schweitzer
Erik Westermann Orville Kocher
Karen Cronin St Jacobs Home Hardware


Life Members - Lions Foundation of Canada

Conley Amos Donald Derbecker Stewart Derbecker
Harold Geisel Water Geisel Lincoln Good
Lorne Heller Martin Metzger John Monk
George Ritter Ross Ruppel Mahlon Snyder
John Tindall Ross Wright Dr. Donald Young
Howard Zeigler Roy Stroh Murray Aberle
Don Barr Stewart Esch Henry Gilles
Roy Gilles Bing Harris Orville Kocher
Jake Sittler Bill Cronin Ross Mohr
Edwatd Snider Carl Stix Harry Kretschmann
Juergen (John) Lamers Ed Rose Bruce Schweitzer
Keith Boschart Neil McTavish Rick Merkel
Bill Runke Erik Westermann Heather Ross
Ronn Ross    


In Memory

Since its inception in 1953, a number of our active members have passed away. On September 18, 1997, St Jacobs Lions Club held a dedication service for its unique, at that time, Memorial Forest Program. The forest provides an opportunity to commemorate the life of a loved one by planting a tree - a living memorial in their memory. A tree symbolizes strength, shelter and durability and by planting a treee, it is a symbol of hope, a sign of a new beginning and a living tribute. 



We Honor The Memory of The Following Deceased Members
Lloyd Snyder 55-57 Erik Merkel 54-65
Donald Rickert 67-68 Walter Martin 53-72
John Stephens 67-72 Grant MacPherson 62-74
Douglas Wagner 69-77 Peter Ritter 58-78
Alvin Martin 58-81 Walter Geisel 57-84
Harold Gress 70-84 KenSittler 69-85
Howard Zeigler 57-87 Wes Geidomovicz 88-92
Jake Sittler 69-83 Marty Metzger 53-85
Donald Derbecker 53-96 Lincoln Good 64-96
Stuart Esch 74-96 T. Edward Rose 86-97
Edward Snider 82-97 Ross Wright 58-98
Dr. Donald Young 53-02 Conley Amos 64-03
Roy Stroh 76-06 John Tindall 53-06
Mahlon Snyder 53-07 Stu Derbecker 53-09
Lorne Heller 69-12 Bing Harris 69-12


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